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Retreat Finder recognizes the trust you are placing in us through your dealings with our Internet site, (the "Site") and related sites. We are committed to the protection of your personal information. This Privacy Notice sets forth our privacy commitment to you and is intended to protect your privacy with respect to any personal information that you may provide to us. By visiting the Site you are accepting the terms set forth in this policy.

1. What information we collect and why
If you become a registered user of the Site, we ask for: your name; your password; and your email address. On the Site we may also: save your favorite retreat search criteria; invite you to post reviews of your experiences with Members of the Site; or invite you to tell us about your experiences at the Site by completing a user survey. Your saved search criteria will enable you to rerun searches without having to reenter all the search criteria. Your reviews of experiences with Members will provide information to other users of the Site and to Members. Information in your user survey will be used to help us improve our services at Retreat Finder or improve the Site. We update the information we hold about you (e.g., your email address) when you provide us with new information about you.

2. Who collects the information
Retreat Finder collects the information about you via your direct input and our web hosting service provider. Please note that if you provide any information to any third party web site (e.g., a Member site) linked to or from the Site, the privacy of that information will not be covered by this policy, and may be subject to the privacy policy of the operator of that third party web site.

3. How your information is stored
Information about you is held in a database. The database is protected by a firewall as well as host-based security.

4. Disclosing your information
We understand how important it is to keep your personal information private, so we will disclose personal information we have about you only in the following circumstances: if you agree to the disclosure (as set forth in this policy or otherwise); or if disclosure is required or authorized by law.

5. Other information we collect
We may also collect the following information during your visits to the Site: the fully qualified domain name from which you accessed the Site, or alternatively, your IP address; the date and time you accessed each page on the Site; the URL of any web page from which you accessed the Site; or the web browser that you are using and the pages you accessed. We use this information so that we can tell which pages are the most popular and where users spend most of their time, which in turn helps us to improve the Site. In addition, we send aggregated statistical information (but not personal information) to our participating retreats ("Members") and other service providers so that they can improve the effectiveness of their membership with Retreat Finder.

6. Junk mail or unsolicited email
Website users will only receive email from Retreat Finder if:

  • You subscribe to our email service. Our email service will keep you informed of the latest offers, current promotions and specials. If you no longer wish to receive our emails, you may unsubscribe by logging into the Site and updating your profile, or by responding to the email with an unsubscribe request.
  • A friend nominates you to receive a page from the Site. The email will be sent to you on behalf of your friend. You will not receive subsequent email from us, because Retreat Finder will not record your email address.
  • You request information about our services when you choose to contact us. You will not be added to a mailing list of any kind and will only receive email in the matter that you have contacted us about.
  • You provide your details and request that we contact you when you complete our user survey.

Please note that email is used as a mechanism for sales of retreat listings. However, bulk mail or spam is never used as a sales mechanism. If you receive an unsolicited email from Retreat Finder, it has been sent to you specifically because you provide retreat services. If you do not want to list with Retreat Finder or wish to be removed from or contact database, simply respond to the email letting up know that you are not interested in listing with us.

7. Does Retreat Finder use cookies?
Cookies are enabled for site functions and statistical purposes only, and are not used by any outside persons for any reason. It is possible to use the site without cookies enabled, however your experience of the site will lack many enhancements.

8. Tips on sending us information
While we do all we can to guard your privacy, no data transfer over the Internet is 100% secure. When you share your information with us, it is at your own risk. There are ways you can help maintain the secrecy of your information: always close your browser when you have finished your user session; and ensure others cannot access your personal information and emails if you use a public computer.

9. Children
The Site does not collect personal information of any sort from children under the age of 18 and requires all users of the Site to confirm that they are over this age before providing any personal information to us.

10. If something goes wrong
Please contact us if you: believe someone has gained access to your personal information by mistake; believe we have breached our privacy obligations under this policy; or would like to discuss any issues about our privacy policy. We will try to satisfy any privacy questions that you have and correct any errors on our part.

11. Changes to our Privacy Statement
This privacy policy relates to our current privacy standards. We may vary our privacy policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by publishing the latest policy on the Site.

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