Newsletter Advertising

The Retreat Finder newsletter has an open rate that is 50% higher than the industry stanadard. The Click Rate is just above industry standard.

The newsletter is emailed monthly to a very clean list of 6500+ retreat enthusiasts (not retreat organizations) as of 2020. The list is cleaned quarterly and maintains a low bounce rate.

Advertising articles are available in the e-newsletter for retreat organizations and retreat leaders as well as general businesses seeking exposure for their retreat, book, product or service of interest to those interested in retreats.

Please see the Sample e-Newsletter, or view a recent newsletter in the e-Newsletter Archives for examples of these articles. Masthead
From the Desk of Retreat Finder

Updates on the Retreat Finder site and listings, articles from the media about retreats, book reviews of interest to reteats, etc

Left Articles (long)

long articles with one image


Top: $30 -includes 400 words and 1 image

2nd: $25 -includes 250 words and 1 image

3rd: $20 -includes 150 words and 1 image

4th: $20 -includes 150 words and 1 image


Recently Added Listings

Recently purchased upgraded listings receive a link in this section in the lower left column of the newsletter

i Right Articles (short)


short articles with one image


Top: $25 - up to 65 words and 1 image

2nd: $25 - up to 65 words and 1 image

3rd: $20 - up to 65 words and 1 image

4th: $15 - up to 65 words and 1 image

5th: $10 - up to 65 words and 1 image

6th: $10 - up to 65 words and 1 image

7th: $10 - up to 65 words and 1 image


  Member Mentions


Appear at the bottom of the right hand column of the newsletter- These articles are selected randomly from among the listings of current members and are offered as a free service to the members

Additional Benefit: 6 month hotlink from the newsletter archive

Newsletters are archived on RetreatFinder for up to six months. The links to your website from RetreatFinder assist your website's ranking in the search engines.


Release Date
Articles Due
May 2020 May 5 April 28
June June 2 Cancelled
July July 7 Cancelled
August August 4 Cancelled
September September 1 Cancelled
October October 6 Cancelled
November November 3 Cancelled
December December 1 Cancelled




  1. Email us to inquire about opening and reserve your ad
  2. Receive an invoice for the ad once the reservation is confirmed
  3. Receive a reminder to submit your article (about one week before it is due)
  4. Submit your article by the due date
  5. Receive a copy of the newsletter with your ad when it is released

The Retreat Finder newsletter strives to generate a high open rate by producing a fresh and interesting newsletter each month. To this end, we request that advertisers reserve ads on a rotating basis- every other month or alternating between spotlight and highlight articles. In addition, copy and images for each ad should be unique, or at most appear three times in one year. Retreat Finder reserves the right to limit, deny, or cancel article reservations.

Article Text: Articles should be submitted with full details as follows:

Article Title: (25 characters max)
Article Subtitle: (30 characters max)
Article Copy:
URL for article link (ie Visit Retreat Name): http://www.
URL for image link: http://www.
Attached image:
Images: Images are 120 pixels by 120 pixels at 72 pixels per inch preferably including a one pixel black border. If your organization has a banner ad on the site, the banner ad image can be used, or any other image from your listing. Preferably images should have the name and location (generally City and State) of the Facility or Event as part of the image. Event listings can also include the date of the event. Images may be emailed in TIF, JPG, EPS or PSD format.


our e-newsletter has an
Open Rate 50% higher
than industry standard.
retreat finder newsletter
offers results


Your newsletter is the best advertising that yields instant results.
- Johanna, Sedona Spirit


My investment in the newsletter ad just paid for itself, as I received a product order from someone who said she found me in the RetreatFinder newsletter!
- Lauren Sullivan, Inspired Life Design


Two of the participants were a direct response to your newsletter...along with three who want to come next time.
- April Allison, Leaven Center


I already received an email inquiry this evening.
- Dawn, Lakeview Retreat


We already had two people register from the last newsletter.
- Mary Canane, Heart of Mother Earth Retreats


We received a phone call just minutes after being featured in your e-newsletter.
- Brian Phillips, Young Life's Colorado Camps


I have already scheduled a personal women's retreat as a result of this newsletter!
- Teresa Wolf, Soul Discovery on Horseback


On the same day the newsletter was emailed) a client called from RetreatFinder and set up a retreat this weekend.
- Johanna, Sedona Spirit


Thanks to your newsletter someone signed up!
- Beatrix Montanile, Atma Shakti Yoga