May 2020
Healing After a Pandemic
Getting Back in Sync with Yourself

Big Sur Retreat
During the current pandemic it has become even more critical for people to learn how to get in touch with themselves when there are no noise. Staying at home is different than staying on a silent retreat; one is still distracted at home. 

But here at New Camaldoli Hermitage you will learn how to release the breath you have been unknowingly holding. You will be able to hear the small voice that has been trying so desperately to reach you all these years. You will finally be in "a place apart" where you can hear yourself think, and your inner wisdom speak. Come stay with us after the pandemic releases its grip on society, as it surely will. We are the perfect place to heal and get back in sync with yourself.

While New Camaldoli Hermitage is temporarily closed down along with most other non-essential public places in California, we welcome you to visit us when we reopen. 

New Camaldoli Hermitage is a community of Benedictine monks whose life is dedicated to contemplation and prayer. They live on a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and offer elegantly simple retreat rooms and cottages for the public to come and "be apart" from the craziness of the world. The Hermitage has been featured in many articles and TV specials, including PBS, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic and others. It was listed as one of the 8 best vacations to relieve stress by Travel and novel author Pico Iyer, who has visited here many times, wrote about one of his visits:  "I was inside a silence that was not an absence of noise so much as the living presence of everything I habitually walked - or sleep-walked - past. When I stepped into the little cell where I was to sleep, I was brought to such a state of attention that the flutter of a blue jay's wings in the garden outside my window stirred me more deeply than a lover's touch."
The monks here support themselves by offering silent retreats to adults, regardless of faith. Here you will experience a silence more profound than the whisper of a heartbeat in the womb. You will be surrounded by breathtaking nature. You will receive all meals, cooked in the hermitage kitchen, as part of your stay. You will, for a short moment of your life, live and experience life and a Higher Power as the monks do.

Out of Balance?
What are You Missing?

Coaching for Life Balance
Is your life during the pandemic missing these elements?

* A sense of balance and groundedness  
* Feeling centered in your heart and intuition and acting from that center 
* A sense of forward movement and positive growth  
* A sense of meaning and purpose for your life

Is this you?

Perhaps you think of yourself as a courageous and confident but right now you feel lost, ungrounded and just can't seem to figure out what to do.

Perhaps you regularly use a whole toolbox of techniques and tools, and perhaps you even teach them to others, but right now not much is working for you and your yoga and meditation just feel off

Perhaps your home was once your sanctuary but now that you are working from home you are feeling scattered and finding it hard to relax and enjoy your sanctuary

Perhaps you have been diving into self development work and love it but are having a hard time putting it all together; you want to really change your life but how, and into what?

There is a Better Way

Balance and grounding arise naturally when you are able to live in mindful choice rather than reaction to the outside world.

Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries allows you to hear your intuition and your heart's messages. 

Acting from that center supports you and creates an environment where everyone in the household can thrive.

When you learn to manage time with meaning then life aligns and you area able to move forward with a sense of positive growth.

Identifying your missing ingredient for success can get you unstuck and start you moving forward.

If this all sounds like things you have already tried, then coaching is definitely for you because there is something that is being overlooked. A coach's outside perspective can help you locate the misalignment.

Get Support

A life coach helps to make visible the invisible. A coach will catch you as you fall in to old ways of being and give you instant feedback, will keep you moving forward by helping you to maintain your inspiration and motivation, will help you navigate your relationships , and will keep you 'woke' and living in choice as you create a life that is truly worth living.

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7-Day Retreat with Stephan Bielfeldt

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

SoulArts with Ronda LaRue
- Ojai, CA

Still Meadows Gardens and Retreat
- Castle Rock, WA

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

- Costa Rica: El Invu

Retreat Property for Sale

Enchanting Page Springs Retreat
- near Sedona, AZ

Spiritual Direction
A companion in life's journey 

Spiritual Direction
Connect with one of Dominican Center's spiritual directors to walk with you on your spiritual journey during life's times of joy, grief, challenge, and peace. Our spiritual directors have created an intentional space for listening and discerning, and are here to help with gentle wisdom and keen observation to guide you as you become aware of how the Spirit works within you and around you.

Visit Dominican Center

Living Yoga Program 2020
Immerse Yourself in Yogic Life

Living Yoga Program 2020
With 20 years of experience training, mentoring, and certifying yoga teachers, the Living Yoga Program's warm and welcoming approach helps you feel confident discovering and teaching in your own style. Our style of yoga is eclectic and non-denominational; we sincerely wish to help each of our students find their yoga. Learn how to guide students to honor their highest guidance: their own inner wisdom. 

Visit Living Yoga Program

Connect with Soulful Horses
Relax - Release - Smile

Connect with Horses
You will find that horses are sentient, deeply sensitive beings that can help us connect, relax, let go of trauma and grief, make us smile, feel grounded and at peace. Taking time for self-care - connecting with soulful horses - may be just what you need right now.
We will not be riding horses and no prior experience with horses is necessary.

Visit Mountain Horse Farm

Bouncing Around Emotions
From Grief to Relief

From Grief to Relief
Have you been bouncing around the stages of grief as you settle in to this current reality? Perhaps moving from holding your breath until things 'get back to normal', to anger at what you see some people doing, to denial binge watching, to comfort shopping, to feeling exhausted from heightened vigilance and a nameless dread from endlessly streaming the news, to feeling grateful for what you have, to crying over an uncertain future, to realizing that there were some aspects of your previous way of living that were really not working for you, to excitedly planning how things will soon be even better than they were before.

Visit Dakini Coaching to get the support you need

1:1 An Emotional Healing Experience Private Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Santa Fe, NM
One on One personal or Couple Private Retreats are stunningly life transforming, healing, inspiring and restorative. If you are in a place in your life where you are ready to make BIG positive changes in the way you behave, react, and process your emotions this is the retreat for you.

More Details

Cobblestone Springs
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Finger Lakes Region, NY
We are an interdenominational retreat/renewal center that regularly offers programs related to spirituality, community, and ecology.Stay in one of the lovely guest rooms or camp out in the hermitage! Also space for groups to 15.

More Details

Hawaii Island Retreat
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Big Island, HI
Unique among Hawaii destinations spas and eco-retreats. Set among evergreens and ocean breezes along the Big Island's North Kohala coast, our 50 acre eco-friendly retreat center offers refined accommodations in harmony with nature. We offer several retreat packages to choose from and space for groups to 150.

More Details

In Harmony With Nature Retreats
Personal Retreats 

Albuquerque, NM
All-Inclusive Guided 3-Day Solo Retreat.
Your retreat will be tailored to you. Through writing, creativity, stillness practices, and movement, be intimately in touch with the stillness that resides beneath the confusions of the mind. Included in the cost are one-on-one counseling, chakra balancing, Qigong sessions, and a serenity garden.

More Details

SunMountain Center 
Center for Rent

Manitou Springs, CO
A wellness and yoga retreat venue, featuring two historic homes in a natural environment for guests to delve further into their consciousness and practice through yoga, the arts, timeless teachings, and farm-to-table cuisine. We require a minimum of 10+ paying guests per program. 

More Details

Sautee Mountain Retreat
Center for Rent

Clarkesville, GA
A popular North Georgia Mountains getaway perched on its own private slope with hiking trails winding through acres of pristine forest. Our Mountain Lodge makes an ideal retreat or conference center featuring a huge stone fireplace, the latest in audio-visual equipment, tables and chairs for 100 people,

More Details

Guest House Retreat
Center for Rent

Chester, CT
A delightful retreat and conference center for up to 100 people in the scenic Connecticut River Valley. We offer spacious guest rooms with private bathrooms, superb cuisine, and amenities that range from a grand piano in our lobby to wireless internet in every room.

More Details

Synergia Ranch Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Santa Fe, NM
A private ranch managed as a "Center for Innovation & Retreats" set on 135 acres of high desert prairie, dotted with pinon and juniper trees at an elevation of 6,250 ft. with 360 degree vistas. For groups to 200.

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