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March 2020
By the Light of the Full Moon
April Yoga/Wellness Bali Retreat

Full Moon Retreat Bali
Have you ever heard the word retreat and thought hmmm, it sounds like giving up and admitting defeat? What is useful about that?

Retreats are a way to draw back from the habitual, the busy-ness, the demands of your life, by stepping into a quiet place. They offer you peace and time to rest, meditate, find a clearer view of where you are heading, and can free you from the feeling of fighting your life rather than being in one you desire.

This Yoga and Wellness retreat is an opportunity to be at a place from which you can see the many paths possible. Not all lead to a battle. Some may offer inspiration.

If change is calling, and you desire more than weariness, drop the lists, unwind the knots, let go old stories and never ending demands. Reconnect with the magic, you know life is meant to be.

You are not giving up but opening up. Possibility is evident when you don't have to fight. 

Our stories are similar, hectic lives causing worry over savings not creativity, loss of functioning, forgetting what moves us, anxiety, sleeplessness, overeating, never being heard and forgetting how to listen..... 
OR maybe there is more.  When you choose how to step into your life do it with intention.

This human experience reduces our ability to view our bodies as intelligent communicative sources of experience. Your felt experience has been sacrificed to a demand of efficiency. Instead let time slow, find a calm pool, look for open shore, then catch the current that will carry you there.

Stepping into the sacredness of Bali will be the calm waters. The subtle power of the Full Super Moon? the current that illuminates the shore, Surya cheering you on. Ritam (ritual) will offer a rhythm that carries you on the current to the shore of your being.

Embraced by the beauty of Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Resort, notice your systems resetting as Yin energy flows. Feel cared for and celebrated. Learn the beauty of Moon Salutations and feel the rise of subtle power. Reclaim the fluid intelligence of body and mind.

Experience the magic of Sacred Ritual led by a Bailan (Healer). Journal, share your voice and more importantly, hear your heart. Be breathed back to a life in love with you. You will return empowered to keep moving forward with a heart that guides the way. 

Eastover Estate & Eco-Village
Learn, Heal and Relax in the Berkshires

Eastover Eco-Village Retreats
Make your own retreat, or join in on a structured retreat against the backdrop of Mt. Greylock, October Mountain and the Appalachian Trail in the cultural center of the Berkshire Mountains. Choose from a variety of daily movement classes and weekly workshops, ink brush calligraphy practice, outdoor activities and spa services, or make use of our amenities: indoor pool, sauna, hot tub. Or spend your day on Eastover's spacious grounds, creating quiet moments in the Japanese and English gardens, or enjoying delicious natural cuisine and socializing in our Cafe/Bistro.
Upcoming retreats include: + Self-Healing Retreat for Cancer Patients; + World Qigong Taichi Day 2020 Weekend Retreat; + Tea Tell Truth & Cooking Tea with Jia Li; + Restore Recharge and Reawaken Your Light; + Terence Dunn's Flying Phoenix Qigong; + Heal the Healers Yoga Retreat; + Mindfulness and Nature Spring Renewal Weekend; + Writing To Awaken with Mark Matousek; + Enneagram of Personality: Taking Practical Steps to Personal Awakening with Indra Rinzler

Visit Eastover

Embracing Your Self
A Sacred Journey to Bali with Yoga

Bali Retreat in June
We invite you to join us in a sacred journey dedicated to the spirit and grace of Bali. As we walk in our beauty nature we will reflect our light into the world.  By learning to listen and discern our inner landscape, we deepen intuition, clarity and learn to find balance and harmony in our lives. We will weave our sacred circle at Bagus Jati, staying in luxurious villas on hillside gardens overlooking bamboo forests in the highlands outside of Ubud. In addition to circle time and yoga classes, we will journey to a traditional Balinese village meeting local artisans, visit magical Ubud, the spiritual center of Bali and participate in a purification and blessing ceremony at a nearby temple and waterfalls.  

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  Retreat Events

April 5-11 - Bali
Full Moon Reflection: Subtle Self-Illumination, A Body, Mind, Soul Retreat

April 24-28 - Springwater, NY
4-Day Retreat with Stew Glick

April 26- May 7 - Peru: Cusco
Sacred Self Reteat

May 21-29 - Peru
Celestial Soul Journey Light Activation

June 13-19 - Ireland: West Cork
Ireland Pilgrimage: Returning To Our Earth Roots

July 17-26 - Austin, TX
Living Yoga Program Immersion

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Retreat Property for Sale

South Slope Sanctuary
- Asheville, NC

Quiet & Community
How to Fully Experience Mindfulness

Mindfulness Retreat
Most everyone has heard of mindfulness, but many find it difficult to practice alone. If you want to explore awareness, but can't seem to get a daily meditation routine going, retreat offers another way in. In the quiet space, in a beautiful natural setting, with support from a skilled teacher and a community of like-minded others, your practice will naturally take root.

Visit Middle Path Healing Arts 

Spiritual Retreat in Italy 
June 14-21

Italy Spiritual Retreat
Facilitated by Western Spirit Enrichment Center of Sedona, AZ. $2,495 per person or $4,295 per couple. Includes lodging in historic 16th century villa, empowering workshops, meditations, local tours and dinners.

Visit Western Spirit Ranch

Feldenkrais with Horses
Awareness through Movement

Feldenkrais with Horses
All-inclusive retreat to Gain Awareness Through Movement with the Feldenkrais Method® a powerful approach to improve your life using gentle, mindful movement to bring new awareness and possibility into every aspect of your life. Similar to Tai Chi or gentle yoga, we will use slow, mindful movements to achieve powerful effects. The retreat also includes spending time with inspirational horses in our horse sanctuary.

Visit Mountain Horse Farm

Sacred Self Retreat
for people of color, by people of color

People of Color retreat Peru
Peru: Cusco
April 26- May 7
Join us for an 11 day getaway from your current life and a deep dive into yourself. We have crafted this retreat as an experience that will transform your life into what you know you deserve. For over a week you will receive time and space for exploration, a variety of healing modalities including somatic experiences, guidance, support, knowledge, and tools.

Visit Illuminating Color

Awakening Spirit & Healing Heart
Personal Retreats 

Pine, AZ
Awakening Spirit Retreat is a hermitage retreat center nestled in mountain forests east of Sedona, AZ. It is ideal for women's or couples silent retreats, solo yoga, meditation, healing, hiking, fasting, and spiritual awakening. HEALING HEART is a sanctuary for soul recovery and safe refuge for personal healing and awakening awareness.

More Details

Christ the King Retreat & Conf
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Syracuse , NY
The quiet, peaceful, contemplative atmosphere provides the perfect environment for private and group retreats. Design your own retreat with spiritual direction provided, or attend a five day directed retreat, seven day Directed retreat, a silent, preached Sisters retreat, a priests retreat, a 30 Day Ignatian retreat. Space for groups up to 80.

More Details

Christine Center
Personal Retreats 

Willard, WI
The Center features a variety of spirituality retreat programs, both East and West, including Intuitive Painting and Mandala Art, Praying with Sacred Sound, Kindness Meditation. Or take a solo retreat - our Modern and Rustic Hermitages are scattered in the woods.

More Details

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Biddeford, ME
The Center offers a spiritual harbor for heart and soul, providing opportunity for silent reflection, healing, and prayer for those seeking rest for the body, quiet for the mind and renewal for the spirit. Our ocean-side "Sacred Space" also serves groups up to 75.

More Details

Art of Living Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Boone, NC
A place to relax, open to the transformative power of meditation and spirituality and learn unique, powerful techniques that unlock your hidden potential help you to blossom fully. Offering daily yoga and meditation;  Ayurvedic spa treatments; delicious dining; and hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains. Also space for groups up to 3000.

More Details

Peace Village Learning & Retreat 
Personal Retreats 

Haines Falls, NY
Peace Village has been created as a special place for reflection, located in the mountains of beautiful upstate New York. For some, its the opportunity for solitude, for silent walks through the woods, and sunrise meditations. Others are seeking answers to questions about spiritual knowledge, spiritual power, and the deep experience of meditation.

More Details

Lifebridge Sanctuary
Center for Rent

High Falls, NY
Lifebridge Sanctuary, the Hudson Valley's unique meeting and retreat center is a place of beauty, privacy and quiet, offering a perfect environment for overnight retreats or day conferences for up to 65.

More Details

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