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January 2020
Journeys to Ireland
Belonging To Your Sacred Life

Ireland Retreat
It was the night of Samhain, the Day of the Dead, and my long deceased Irish Grandmother appeared to me and spoke these words: "It is time to go home, back to the land and the sea." She then showed me images of Ireland and even played Celtic music in my ear! And then a whole host of my Celtic Ancestors showed up, going back many generations. It was quite a night.
Some years ago I led pilgrimages to Ireland and other sacred sites in Europe, but then they came to a natural completion seven years ago. Now a new cycle begins, and one of even greater depth as I feel the very strong pull of my matrilineal Irish lineage beckoning me back to where I belong.
It feels good and right to share my journey once more, for these are what my Pilgrimages are; a sharing of my intimate encounters with the inner and outer land. The first Pilgrimage, June 13-19, Returning To Our Earth Roots, calls us back to our Ancestral roots and the Earth, to our natural cycles and rhythms, and to feel a belonging to our own soul once more. With the world in such upheaval and dissolution we need to be standing firmly in our being, and we can only do that if we feel we belong.
The next Pilgrimage, September 5-11, draws us into Sacred Living and Sacred Dying, where we will explore the Celtic wisdom of the continuity of life and death. Other wisdom tradition teachings and poetry will also be used to unveil the mysteries of this rich journey we are all on. Are we fully living? Will we feel fulfilled at our death? Two questions that will form the foundation of our explorations.
Both Pilgrimages are held in South-West Ireland, on the wild and hauntingly beautiful Beara Peninsula. Many sacred sites are within minutes of our retreat accommodations, where we will venture daily to integrate our teachings and enter into sacred ceremony. Standing Circles, Ogham Stones, walks on the Wild Atlantic Way, Shrines, and the pure magic of the land Herself, will open the way for our Pilgrimage to land deeply within our being. We will also enter into a special ritual to embody this sacred time and to enhance our life upon our return back home, so that the journey not only continues, but ultimately begins.

Transform in 2020
Use Proven Change Techniques

Effortless Change Coaching Program
You have the power to change yourself and to change your world. It is time to own it.
Lets get real - New Year's resolutions, even when we are dead serious when we make them, are no more resolute than a wish. Making a resolution has about as much chance of helping us attain the life we want as tossing a coin into a fountain. In fact, tossing a coin may have a better chance of success because it employs a few key tools of success: investment (spending the quarter), taking action (making a pilgrimage to the fountain), creative visualization (making the wish). But in the end, tossing a coin in the fountain is really just a wish because it lacks grounding in proven tools of lasting change.
In case you are expecting a 'lets get real' speech that evangelizes discipline, hard work, and sacrifice as the most important agents of change, you will be happy to hear that these are actually more deterrents to change than tools of change because the most important agent of change is a feeling of effortless ease.
Can change really be effortless? With proper planning and a good support system, yes, it can be almost effortless.
Start your 2020 transformation with a 90 effortless challenge.

Tea Tell Truth
A Valentine's Weekend Retreat

Tea Tell Truth Retreat
On February 14-16, 2020, Eastover welcomes Jai Li, Founder of Tea Tell Truth, for an exotic and all inclusive Valentine's weekend retreat. 

Experience the history and tradition of tea while exploring the tastes and benefits resulting from incorporating tea into today's hectic and fast-paced lifestyle.  

Your weekend will include Tea Mindfulness, A guided mindfulness meditation with tea to encourage self-reflection, develop mindfulness-based stress management strategies; a Tea Tasting and Ceremony, pairing teas with cheese or chocolate and blending teas to take home. Our guests will also enjoy a three course Valentine's Day Dinner Menu, integrating the colors and flavors of teas into Eastover's gourmet and healthy menus. Stretch your soul and body with a Tai Chi workshop and open your heart to the power and wonder of teas. 

A once in a lifetime experience for you and someone you love. 

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Renewal in a Sacred Wilderness
Dubois, WY

Personal Retreat Wyoming
Join us for re-newal, re-creation, re-treat high in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains. Like the American Indians who came to the Wind River Mountains for sacred encounters millennia ago, like Moses going to Mt. Sinai, come retreat to this sacred wilderness to rest and renew.

Stimulating seminars, thoughtful discussions, and informal interaction among guests and distinguished session leaders provide a unique opportunity for all who seek a deeper understanding of the Holy One and themselves -lay persons as well as clergy.

Friendly horses, miles of hiking trails and fish-laden waters offer both the novice and experienced outdoors lover physical challenge as well as relaxation.

All activities are optional. Retreatants are free to determine their own needs for either activity or rest. Scheduled rides and hikes, sometimes with lunch along the trail, are offered in the mornings. Four evenings a week are spent in 90 minutes seminars with the retreat facilitator.

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March 4-8 - Carlsbad, CA
Healing the Heart

March 27-29 - Asheville, NC
Awaken to Your Truth

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary
- Ecuador

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary
- Ecuador

Spiritual Retreat in Italy
June 14-21 in Lucca (Tuscany)

Spiritual Retreat Italy June
Facilitated by Western Spirit Enrichment Center of Sedona, AZ. $2,495 per person or $4,295 per couple. Includes lodging in historic 16th century villa, empowering workshops, meditations, local tours and dinners.

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Passage to Freedom 2020!
Align & Refocus your Life NOW 

Freedom 2020 Retreat
Feeling anxious with life's challenges stepping into the new year? Align and transform your life with the 2020 prevailing energies - healing, blazing clarity, love, grounding via nature, collaboration, and spontaneous creativity. Registration is open for the 2020 Passage to Freedom Group & Individual Programs/Retreats. Claim your 20% discount with our generous 20-20-20 special offering by Jan 20, 2020.               

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Finding Greater Ease
Introduction to Meditation - Feb 6-9

Introduction to Meditation Retreat
Everyone wants happiness. Unfortunately, the faulty assumptions by which we live our lives do not afford us the pleasure of abiding in a state of perpetual happiness, peace, and contentment. Buddhism promises such a state. When successfully training our minds through various meditation techniques, happiness follows.
Feb 6-9 in the mountains of the Santa Cruz, CA area

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Franciscan Retreats
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Prior Lake, MN
Situated on 60 acres we are a spiritual oasis for people of all faiths. Our lovely grounds, beautiful chapel and comfortable rooms along with the care and concern of the friars and staff provide a quiet, reflective environment for personal prayer and reflection. Also for groups of up to 65 people.

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Shalom Spirituality Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Dubuque, IA
A sacred space in a peaceful environment. We offer a wide array of individualized and/or group retreat/program opportunities that integrate spirituality in mind, body and heart for persons of all ages, cultures and religious affiliations. Also rental space for your own group of up to 150 people.

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Mt. Baker Lodging
Personal Retreats 

Mt. Baker / Glacier, WA
Conveniently located just 2-hours north of Seattle, and 1.5-hours south of Vancouver, B.C., Mt. Baker Lodging is your source for private, self-catered, fully equipped Mt. Baker area cabins, cottages, condos, chalets, and executive vacation home rental accommodations

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Abeliona Retreat
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Nestled in the village of Abeliona with a healing energy flowed from the Ancient Greek History, Abeliona Retreat is the ideal place to organize yoga, meditation and alternative therapeutic workshops in Arcadia, Greece. For individuals and groups of up to 55. 

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Kirkridge Retreat & Study Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Bangor, PA
Located on the beautiful Kittatinny Ridge of eastern Pennsylvania near the Delaware Water Gap, guests enjoy our hospitality, beautiful vistas and natural sacred grounds. Kirkridge offers three locations for private retreat space as well as a rental space for groups up to 100.

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Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Villa Maria, PA
The campus - with its woodlands, pond, outdoor shrines, nature paths, herb garden and Labyrinth - provides the perfect setting for contemplation and renewal. A Chapel with daily Eucharist, a library and an indoor pool are available to retreatants. Also space for groups up to 300.

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Crestone Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Crestone, CO
Surrounded by 240 acres of forest, we provide a special environment for contemplation and inquiry, or for focusing on projects. We offer private retreat cabins and rooms for personal retreats, meditation retreats, wilderness retreats or writer retreats year-round. Our Zen kitchen prepares three vegetarian meals per day. Retreatants are also welcome to join the monastic community for meditation.

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Tsegyalgar West/ Los Naranjos
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Mexico: San Jose del Cabo, BCS
The center is the main center for longer retreat of the International Dzogchen Community. Sincere practitioners of any other tradition, Buddhist or no Buddhist are also welcome. For personal retreat we arranged 4 casitas with water and can shop weekly for you. We also hosts groups up to 120 people.

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Jasmine Garden Oasis Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Santa Cruz, CA
Serene gardens, coastal beaches ~ Rest for your Soul. This is a simple retreat house in Santa Cruz 4 blocks from several quiet beaches and cliff overlooking Monterey Bay. Individuals enjoy their own private retreats in their own timing in their own style. 

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A One Fasting Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Santa Ysabel, CA
This is a 4 acre Ranch nestled in forest and meadows near beautiful Julian, Ca. offering fasting of either juice/smoothies, master cleanse or purified water. This fasting retreat is designed to educate and detox to obtain optimum health.

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Camp Young Judaea Retreat Ctr
Center for Rent

Wimberley, TX
Planted and grown in the beautiful Hill Country town of Wimberley, TX, CYJ is a convenient destination from most of Texas's major cities. Focus on goals and objectives without distractions in our gorgeous natural setting.

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