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November 2019
The Missing Ingredient
Shift from Struggle to Awakening

Have you studied great sources of wisdom and worked through self-help book exercises but still feel like you are struggling and unsatisfied with your life?

Books and videos are great for opening our minds, for inspiring us, for helping us see things from a new perspective. Retreats are amazing for giving us time to rest (so needed these days), for learning and being inspired, for reconnecting or deepening our connection to our Self, and for experiencing a new way of being.

But what happens when you return to daily life? Where does the new awareness, new sense of relaxation and ease in life that you experienced on retreat go?

There seems to be a missing ingredient, something to make the experience stick.
Often the impact of books, videos and retreats is like a flash in the pan - simply not strong enough to really cook the meal. The tricky part is in maintaining the inspiration and actually living from the new perspective. These wonderful resources get us focused in the right direction, but we are the ones who have to actually walk the walk.

What is the sticky ingredient that allows us to truly improve our lives? True change happens through ongoing support - working with someone as you take the inspiration from a retreat or new wisdom from a book and integrate it into your daily life.

This is where coaching comes in. Coaching can ease and quicken the journey toward your vision of a life well lived through ongoing inquiry and support that fosters true and lasting change.

Growth and change inevitably includes struggle. Challenges arise as new ways of being and perceiving bump up to old ways of doing things, old ways of being with people, old ways of perceiving what is possible for ourselves and our lives. This is where coaching makes all the difference.

You can't see your blind spots, your assumptions, your habits, your subconscious fears. A life coach helps to make visible the invisible and puts you back in charge of your life.

A life coach is a partner who befriends the highest part of you as well as the part of you that you have kept hidden away from the light. A life coach is an accountability partner who is also your enthusiastic advocate along the road to wholeness.

Please visit my website to see if coaching is right for you. 

Namaste in Marble Falls
Yoga Retreat at The Heart of Texas Ranch

Yoga Retreat Venue Texas
55 acres and a 6,000-Square-Foot Deck For Reconnecting With Nature
When you consider going on a yoga retreat, of utmost importance is the location. The location should provide one with a feeling of contentment and should remove the stresses of daily life. No one can fully relax when there are responsibilities looming nearby. This is why you should consider escaping to the Texas Hill Country for a yoga retreat like none other.

Featuring two guest houses that together, comfortably accommodate more than two dozen people, we offer a quiet respite away from the hustle and bustle of your normal life.
The stand-out feature of this property is the 6,000-square-foot Hilltop Deck and wrap-around porches that invite guests to unwind and take in the natural beauty of the ranch. With ample space for daily yoga practices, the Hilltop Deck offers guests sweeping, 20-mile Hill Country views and a chance to commune with nature that you simply won't get at a traditional yoga studio.

A year-round, cool breeze graces this property with a comfortable atmosphere - allowing the use of the outdoor areas in all types of weather and in all seasons. Practice your sun salutations while the sun rises over the deck and master your mountain pose while you gaze out over the rolling hills. Do yoga under a blanket of stars at night, while the sounds of owls and crickets provide the soundtrack for your practice.

End of the Road
Casual Group or Individual Retreat Spot

North Carolina NC Retreat Cabins
Winters are mild in NC!  Nestled in the woods near Chimney Rock and Lake Lure, NC, End Of The Road features six compact log cabins, a yurt for meetings or parties, and a fire pit gazebo with a view.  Open year-round, three cabins feature outdoor hot tubs.  A trail encircles the property.  Everything needed is provided with reliable internet.  Retreat, explore small towns, hike, or explore the local wineries.  Ideal for a casual wedding, quilt group, religious retreat, family reunion, etc.  Located 50 minutes from Asheville, an hour and a half from Charlotte, and an hour from Greenville.  Discounts available for all six cabins rented.  

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  Retreat Events

December 6-8 - Ellenville, NY
Catskills Relax and Refresh Retreat - Grateful Endings and Fresh Beginnings

December 28 - Jan 1 - Springwater, NY
4-Day New Year's Retreat with Wayne Coger

January 10-12 - Scottsdale, AZ
Rejuvenate with Mindfulness

January 17-20 - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Unleash You Warrior Goddess Women's Retreat

February 26- March 1 - Mexico: Tulum
Sacred Waters Awaken to Your Intuition Retreat

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Mercy Conference and Retreat Center
- Saint Louis, MO

Sanctuary Retreats
- Merritt Island, FL

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Mercy Conference and Retreat Center
- Saint Louis, MO

Retreat Property for Sale

Well-established turn key Texas Hill Country Retreat on 52.83 acres
- Marble Falls, TX

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

-Mercy Center- Burlingame, CA
(San Francisco area)

Living Through Cancer
A Self-Healing Retreat 

Cancer Healing Retreat
A 7-day retreat designed to support cancer recovery using evidence-supported self-healing techniques that develop a positive, optimistic and confident attitude. Led by renowned expert Kevin Chen, PhD, the retreat encourages participants to engage in discussion and exploration of topics including pain management, nutrition, exercise, mind-body medicine, and stress management. Movement-based sessions enlivened the body, while the interactive lectures stimulated the mind and spirit

Visit Eastover

Red Wood Forest and Ocean
Northern CA retreat for up to 45

Northern California Retreat Venue
Looking for a retreat center on the banks of a River, close to the Ocean and moments from the Red Wood Forest?The Inn is the special place for you! 

Located on the banks of the Klamath River, in Klamath California approx. 360 miles from San Francisco and 360 miles from Portland, Oregon nearest airport is 20 miles - 13 rooms and a 3 bedroom home and a cottage.

Emotional Freedom & Empowerment
Personal Retreats 

United Kingdom and Spain
Unique retreats, workshops and integrated therapy programmes to help you gain your emotional freedom and make your personal transformation. Also available for couples and groups.

More Details

Meditation & Relationship Retreats
Personal Retreats 

Offering a unique blend of 'counselling of mindfulness and nature' and an ambiance of peaceful tranquility for reflection and personal growth. Therapeutic stays for individuals and couples.

More Details

Soul Discovery On Horseback Personal Retreats for Women
Personal Retreats 

Madison, GA
If it's time to experience some transformation in your life, come on retreat with Teresa. This is not therapy or counseling. It's an opportunity for you to be heard without judgement, to get remotivated and to formulate a plan in which to take inspired action to achieve the results you crave.

More Details

Mountain Light Sanctuary
Personal Retreats 

Asheville, NC
Hidden deep in a secluded mountain cove in the Pisgah National Forest, our beautiful grounds include a stone circle, open fields, manicured flower beds, wooded areas. Guests find that Mountain Light is a great place for individual and group activities with a variety of accommodations to fit every taste & budget.

More Details

Franciscan Spirituality Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

La Crosse, WI
Dedicated to anyone seeking God, the Franciscan Spirituality Center is open to everyone. Services include preached retreats, guided retreats and space for individually directed retreats. Spiritual direction (compassionate listening) is available upon request. Groups up to 250 are welcome.

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Serenity Retreat for Healing and Spiritual Renewal
Personal Retreats 

Bellville, TX
If you are ready to get rid of depression, anxiety, anger or addiction(s) you can find true freedom through the power of Jesus Christ at Serenity Retreat. By setting aside 24 hours for a Personal Healing Retreat, your painful issues can be greatly improved.

More Details

Mindfulness Retreats
Personal Retreats 

Easton, NH & Nationwide
With 20 years experience, I offer you an uncommon opportunity for a private, customized single- or multi-day counseling retreat in the location of your choice. This is a uniquely intentional way to step out of your daily routine to focus time and attention on developing deeper insights into yourself while discovering better ways to cope with challenging situations.

More Details

Earth Sanctuary
Personal Retreats 

Langley, WA
A place for personal renewal, relaxation, meditation, and peaceful reflection. Immediately adjacent to the Retreat House is the 72-acre nature reserve of Earth Sanctuary, with its beautiful woodlands and bird-filled ponds, and remarkable sacred sites, including magical stone circles, Native American medicine wheels, a labyrinth, a dolmen and a new Tibetan Buddhist stupa, all connected with two miles of trails.

More Details

Bethany Spring
Personal Retreats 

New Haven, KY
Re-discover and deepen your relationships with yourself, God, others, and nature; and enter into a more contemplative way of being. Located one mile from the Abbey of Gethsemani, Bethany Spring offers an ideal atmosphere of prayer-filled quiet.

More Details

Mountain Horse Farm
Personal Retreats 

Naples, NY
Located on 33 gorgeous acres in the heart of the Finger Lakes. The views are amazing and our accommodations luxurious. Rooms with private hot tubs and fireplaces and glamping in Sioux tipis. Spa services available on site as well as a horse sanctuary.

More Details

Center for Rent

Swan Lake, NY
Located less than 2 hours north west of New York City in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. The facility encompasses over 300 acres with numerous lighted sports fields and indoor facilities. Chipinaw has dedicated staff that are there to help plan your event from start to finish. 

More Details

Bend of Ivy Lodge
Center for Rent

Asheville, NC
A beautiful eco-friendly retreat, education and event center cradled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina for up to 50.  Included are panoramic mountain views, numerous trails, adjacent organic farm, koi pond, river, fire pits, open fields and gardens that embrace the land.

More Details

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