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September 2019
Radical Consciousness Retreat
A Diverse and Powerful Experience

Radical Consciousness Retreat
"What worked on this retreat? Everything!"

"This retreat exceeded all expectations. The teachers' mastery helped me learn about meditation and myself."

"Exquisite! What genuine, loving human beings! Their deep and broad knowledge of meditation practices from across multiple spiritual domains provides a supportive space that encourages me to find comfort in choosing my own path."

"I definitely felt a shift - grounded and present"

Join us in this heart-expanding 3.5 day retreat designed to transform your mind, body, emotions and spirit by experiencing a blend of conscious ascension tools and emotional transformation techniques . . . all while nestled in a quiet, country valley, surrounded by soul-inspiring Rocky Mountain vistas and vibrant Fall color!  Participants will feel nourished exploring a rich tapestry of modalities that honor many meditation traditions (silent, moving, guided and music), gentle restorative yoga, qi gong, quantum sound baths, nature outings, and heart-healing with horses!
Our retreat speaks to those whom . . . sincerely desire to deepen and expand their spiritual practices . . . are open to experiencing feelings of connectedness, inner-stillness, an open-heart, presence, a simple sense of joy, cleared brain noise, clarity and gratitude . . . and are excited to gain practical tools for living well, and igniting a fresh life perspective.

You will be provided the opportunity to dramatically and positively shift your life as you receive illuminating insights that can really change EVERYTHING!  
This multi-sensory retreat is co-led by three seasoned practitioners who weave together a unique blend of activities offering a healthy balance of introspection, movement, authentic heart connection, and spiritual re-alignment with nature and all sentient beings.  Below is a sampling of our retreat menu: - A variety of meditation instruction and practices (e.g., concentration, inquiry, manifestation, awareness, loving kindness)  -  Emotional exercises -  Voice Dialog: a method for strengthening the center by giving inner voices their space -  The Demartini Method�: a tool for dissolving emotional charges  -  Mondo Zen�: a dialectic practice of deepening consciousness through Zen Koans -  Conscious embodiment practices -  Gentle Restorative Yoga: centering of the breath & body, aligning the physical & mental -  Qi Gong: an ancient form of movement meditation -  Daison: Brief, informal, face-to-face interviews with Kensho Len Silverson -  Quantum Vibrational Sound Baths with crystal chalices and Tibetan singing bowls -  Equine Assisted Heart-Healing to help foster authentic, emotional congruence

Writing to Awaken
Memoir as a Spiritual Practice 

Memoir as a Spiritual Practice
We each have our own story, a personal myth constructed from the content life presents us. By questioning our connections to this narrative, we come to realize that we are not our stories. This opens the door for change and transformation.

On May 10-May 15, 2020, join us for Memoir as a Spiritual Practice Retreat with instructor, guide and acclaimed author Mark Matousek. We will spend the day exploring personal stories as pathways to wisdom and self-encounter. When we learn to see the mythic dimension of our struggles, losses, triumphs, and transformations, we gain insight into our spiritual progress - the state of our soul - and what is asking for deeper attention. 

Writing To Awaken workshops offer an intimate exploration of personal identity through expressive writing. Using targeted questions, radical truth-telling, and self-inquiry, you will explore the narratives of your life, writing honestly about your greatest challenges, deepest yearnings, secret wounds, hidden gifts, and roads less traveled. You'll gain a deeper understanding of your storytelling self and move toward a more liberated, authentic, and awakened life. Mark's unique, compassionate teaching style creates a welcoming atmosphere for this deeply transformative work. Designed for writers of all levels, Writing To Awaken will prompt insight, spiritual wisdom, and fresh possibilities.
Mark Matousek, a 20-year student of Buddhism, is the author of two acclaimed memoirs: Sex Death Enlightenment and The Boy He Left Behind, and When You're Falling, Dive: Lessons in the Art of Living and Ethical Wisdom: What Makes Us Good.

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Developing Your Creativity
Nature Calls 

Creativity Retreat
A boutique experience with Australian artist Trevor Weekes where you:A boutique experience with Australian artist Trevor Weekes where you:
- Increase your skills- using different media
- Connect with nature for inspiration: wallabies, birds & plants
- Try new & old techniques in different ways

Creativity is a journey of the soul, so be encouraged & encourage others, sharing stories (success & failure) around the fire pit and dream the next step in your creative story.

Beachfront Retreats
Mindfulness in New Jersey

Beach front retreats
What is it about the beach, the rhythm of the ocean waves, the gentleness of sparkling bay waters, the sun, and the aromas? What is it that appeals to our senses and helps us re-set?
Experience mindfulness off the grid. Feel pent up energy release. Allow freshness, warmth and gentleness in. Enjoy the simple pleasure of life that only we can provide to ourselves.

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October 4-6 - Ellenville, NY
Power up your Immunity - Catskills Relax and Refresh Retreat

October 11-15 - Springwater, NY
Four Day Retreat with Stew Glick

February 24-28 - Vero Beach, FL
Icon Workshop

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Wellness - Nutritional and Fitness Reboot
- Carlsbad, CA

Beachfront Mindfulness Retreats
- Strathmere , NJ

Aloha Health and Wellness Retreat
- Hawi, HI

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Retreat House Manager
-Saint Marguerite's Retreat House- Mendham, NJ

Magical Peru Retreat
May 5-14

Peru Retreat
With a small group and our own guide,we will be taken off the beaten path and into communities where descendants from the Incan and pre-Incan cultures strive to preserve their traditions from long ago. We will enjoy the culture up close, visiting locals,Machu Picchu and many other famous sites and experiences in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Nature, culture, food, ancient sites and ceremony! 

Ultimate Bali Yoga & Culture
Women's Luxury & Transformational 

Womens Bali Retreat
Come Alive Goddess, by Immersing Yourself in Healing, Transformative & Spiritual Practices while Making Lifetime Memories with Soul Sisters Exploring the Land & Culture. Daily Vinyasa & Kundalini yoga will awaken your energy while working through the chakras for inner peace, self-acceptance, and to realize your power. Inclusions of Balinese massage, water temple ceremony, gorgeous accommodations, 5-star service, transports, all meals, and so much more.

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Fall Writing Retreat
Crossing Boundaries

Writing Retreat
Dig deeper into your writing through story, memoir, poetry & prose. Explore craft through personal boundaries of beginnings, endings, power, community, country, environment, social and economic justice. Grapple with how your writing impacts the world. My inspiration is that this workshop will support us in coming to voice and recover what has been silenced and to empower each speaker. With Dr. Juanita Kirton Sept 20-22.

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Reflection & Celebration
A Retreat for Gay Men

Gay Mens Spirituality Retreat
We will reflect upon our journeys as gay men in the context of our humanity, sexuality, faith and spirituality.  We will consider together what it means to be gay men in 2019 and we will take time to recall and honor those who have helped us along the way.  Join us for times of conversation, laughter and community. There will be time to enjoy the natural beauty of the Kirkridge mountainside and the nearby Columcille sanctuary. Some of us have just come out, some of us have been out for a long time; we are single, married, older and younger: we are from small towns and big cities - we come together as brothers of faith, heart and spirituality.  

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Seek Peace and Pursue It
Psalms of Peace, Justice and Creation

Peace Retreat
Join longtime peace activist, author and retreat leader Rev. John Dear for a weekend of prayer, peace and meditation on the psalms, focusing on their call for peace, justice and celebration of creation. Together, we will read through many of the psalms, pray over them, discuss them, and let them lead us closer to the God of peace, as we struggle with the divisions, hatreds and wars of the world, and our own brokenness and longings. 

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Windridge Solitude
Personal Retreats 

Lonedell, MO
Our singular emphasis is solitude. We focus all our energies on making it possible for you to enter the solitude quickly and completely. We prepare the cottage for you in every way to welcome you, then we set you free.

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Sedona Wellness Retreat
Personal Retreats

Sedona, AZ
The perfect quiet, comfortable retreat setting for anyone considering making changes to their health, diet, and general lifestyle. We provide a great cleansing experience using fresh organic fruits, vegetables and juices. Organic Meals. Private Rooms & Bathrooms. Doctor Monitored Educational & Therapeutic Program.

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Archabbey Guest House
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

St Meinrad, IN
Offering guided retreats, private retreats and by special arrangement group retreats in addition to their scheduled themed preached retreats. Retreats topics can include: - Speaking Love: A Couples Retreat - Monastic Practices
- The Passion Narrative According to Mark - and many more options.

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Monastery of the Risen Christ
Personal Retreats 

San Luis Obispo, CA
We offer hospitality to those who wished to experience monastic life here.  A key element of any Monastic Life Experience is spaciousness - private rooms, the welcoming space of the chapel, and the spectacular vista.

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Sky Lake Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Rosendale, NY
Nestled in a forest of tall cedars and white pines on the northern crest of the Shawangunk Mountains, Sky Lake is a Shambhala contemplative center for meditation, arts and community. Just two hours north of Manhattan in the Mid-Hudson River Valley, the Lodge has a contemplative, peaceful ambience and is a genuine haven from the rigors of urban life. For groups up to 70.

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Lost Valley Education & Event Ctr
Center for Rent

Dexter, OR
We are a 501c3 nonprofit education center committed to sustainability -- in the broad sense -- and are happy to host groups whose mission aligns with either personal, social, or ecological sustainability. Since 1989 we have been both an education/event center and an intentional community, an aspiring ecovillage. Space for groups up to 80.

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The New Dawn Foundation
Center for Rent

New Rochelle, NY
Our waterfront property has stunning views of the water from all rooms. We have 7 bedrooms, 14 beds and can sleep 20, 4.5 baths. The downstairs can hold 50 people for an event. Guests may take advantage of healing activities that include: sweat lodges, healing circles, drum circle, acupuncture, guided meditation, etc. Individual sessions are available by appointment.

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