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May 2019
Intensive Counseling Retreats
By David Stringham, MPH, MSW

Intensive Counseling Retreats
Many types of retreats are available for enhancing your life, but one type of retreat can be especially beneficial when you or a loved one are going through difficult life challenges: an intensive counseling or therapy retreat.
Working one-on-one with a highly skilled therapist, counselor or coach over several days in a nurturing setting, a private counseling retreat can significantly expedite the process of getting to and working with the crux of the issues that negatively impact your life. And unlike traditional counseling sessions where your work has to stop once your 50-minute appointment has elapsed, a counseling retreat provides you with all the time you need to process whatever it is that comes up. 
When steady attention is applied over the course of multiple days to uncovering deep, personal insights and reinforcing positive ways to cope with difficulties, many people report personal improvement and wellbeing that lasts far beyond what could have been accomplished solely with periodic 50-minute counseling sessions.
Counseling retreats are available not only for individuals but also for couples and families.

And keep in mind that you don't need to be in crisis to reap significant benefits from a retreat. You and your counselor can focus on skills and practices that enhance wellbeing and make you more resilient to life's difficulties.
There's an added advantage when your counselor provides options for making your retreat a truly collaborative experience, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. A collaborative, fully personalized retreat allows you to be involved in decisions such as format and length of your sessions, structuring the time between sessions (i.e.: rest, exercise, reflection, etc.), the location and accommodations of your retreat, and more. It's critical that as you engage this important inner work, you feel completely at ease, which is why the environment and format of your retreat must be as conducive to that as possible.
Prior to the start of your retreat, it is helpful to have a short counseling session with your retreat counselor (online if in-person sessions aren't practical) as it provides the needed opportunity for your counselor to begin to understand your struggles, provide you with initial coping skills, and lay the groundwork for the intensive, life-changing work that your retreat will help facilitate.
To learn more about how this unique type of retreat can be a highly effective catalyst for jumpstarting wellbeing into your life, contact us. 

Sheng Zhen Meditation
Train with Master Junfeng Li

Sheng Zhen Meditation
Join us at Eastover and experience a special weekend offering of Sheng Zhen Gong Training with Junfeng Li and Jing Li. This workshop, open to the public,  will explore a series of Qigong movements dedicated to self-healing and removing negative energy. These movements help the body collect Qi and assist the mind in connecting to the greater universe.

Master Junfeng Li is one of the truest living Qigong masters of our time. He is the main driving force behind Sheng Zhen Gong, the Qigong of Unconditional Love, and its connection to the public. Master Li travels internationally to train and certify Sheng Zhen Gong teachers, practice himself, or simply spend time with his students. In doing so, he shares his passion, wisdom, humor and love, so that others can also experience the profound joy that permeates his entire being.

He is the former head coach of China's National Martial Arts team and still has roles in Martial Arts movies internationally. He trains movie stars in martial arts for their film roles and publishes books on Qigong and martial arts. 
Teacher training prerequisites are not required for this two day offering.  

Visit Eastover

Mindful Eating Retreat
May 24-27 in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Mindful Eating Retreat
This three-day retreat will focus on cultivating mindfulness and compassion and the meditation practices of Mindful Eating. When we eat mindfully, we involve all the senses by engaging our body and our mind. We utilize color, texture, smell, taste, and sound to nurture our experience. We learn to pay attention to what our body really needs and why. To support cultivating our awareness, we will quiet the mind and open the heart through yoga, sitting and walking meditation. Through these practices of deepening our inner awareness of the body and mind, we will experience wisdom and compassion, which is our true nature. 

We will be working with teachings of the Buddha and contemporary applications, how to stay present and embodied in the moment, aware of and working with mind states that create obstacles to awakening, while cultivating qualities that enhance well-being in everyday life. This will include the exploration of craving and grasping, and cultivation of compassion. 

We can experience food as pleasure and nourishment while finding our right relationship to amount and quality in each moment. Mindful eating and living can nudge us beyond what we're craving so that we wake up to why we're craving it. We can learn to live life with more equanimity and ease, with the skills to make conscious choices.

Teachings are appropriate for health care professionals as well as the general public. Health care professionals will be able to incorporate the tools and practices offered in this program in ways beneficial to clients or patients.

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May 24-26 - Ellenville, NY
Catskills Relax and Refresh Retreat - Beautiful Inside Out

June 8-15 - Springwater, NY
7-Day Retreat with Stephan Bielfeldt

June 14-16 - Ellenville, NY
Catskills Relax and Refresh Retreat - Mindful Living and Stress Management

June 20-23 - Harbert, MI
Invitation to Be. A mindfulness retreat to unplug and reboot

June 22-29 - Durango, CO
Passage to Freedom Program and Retreat

June 29 - July 6 - Springwater, NY
7-Day Retreat with Richard Witteman

July 19-21 - Marcola, OR
Back to Nature Women's Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Oregon

July 19-28 - Austin, TX
100-hour Living Yoga Program Immersion

August 2-4 - Bangor, PA
Harvesting the Messages from Nature: Walking Awake

August 9-11 - Bangor, PA
Mens Retreat - for Survivors of Abuse

August 28- Sept 2 - Leyden, MA
Foundations of Mindfulness: A Five-Day Silent Retreat

August 30- Sept 1 - Craryville, NY
Great-Full-Ness YOGA

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Acorn Lodge and Trails
- Lapeer, MI

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Acorn Lodge and Trails
- Lapeer, MI

Annapolis Basin Conference Centre
- Canada: Cornwallis Park, NS

Retreat Property for Sale

Hawaii Big Island Retreat for Sale
- Kona, HI

Magical Retreat In North Carolina
- Gold Hill, NC

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

-Osage Forest of Peace- Sand Springs, OK

Summer Volunteers
-Easton Mountain- Greenwich, NY

Learn with Living Yoga Program 
July 19-28 Yoga Immersion

Yoga Immersion Program
Are you seeking a life changing experience? Immerse yourself in authentic spiritual practice. Stay onsite at our magnificent Austin locale on 250 acres in the Texas Hill Country. Daily yoga, breathing practices and meditation. Fascinating workshops. Chef-prepared, nourishing meals. Experience the essence of yoga: knowing oneself deeply, and ultimately feeling connected with All-That-Is. For both aspiring teachers and devoted students, this training is ideal!

Visit Living Yoga Program

The Goddess Path
in Sicily - June 23-28

Goddess Retreat
Are you ready to embody your Goddess Power? At this Retreat, you will discover the way that your life can improve when you learn how to integrate your human self into your divine self and come to understand what Your true power is. 

Visit Donatella Moltisanti

Glimpse Your Hidden Wholeness 
A Courage Circle Threads Retreat

Courage Retreat
The safe space of this retreat offers you the opportunity to glimpse your own hidden wholeness, to rejoin soul and role, rejoin heart and head. In a world that feels divided, we can claim a different reality of our own wholeness. This is a creative endeavor that asks us to reclaim our own story. Our lives are not our experiences, rather the meaning we weave from our experiences.
June 21-23 in Bangor, PA

In Harmony With Nature Retreats
Personal Retreats 

Albuquerque, NM
All-Inclusive Guided 3-Day Solo Retreat - 
You choose the dates and the activities including creativity, stillness practices, movement practices, one-on-one counseling, chakra balancing, and more.

More Details

Sedona Vision Quest
Personal Retreats 

Sedona, AZ
In today's changing world we are pushed to look for guidance beyond ordinary thought, to access knowledge from many different realms of existence, and to develop our conscious intelligence. This retreat is designed to help you explore different methods to increase a sense of higher consciousness. 

More Details

Cobblestone Springs
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Dundee, NY
An interdenominational retreat/renewal center located in the Finger Lakes Region of rural Upstate New York. Cobblestone Springs regularly offers programs related to spirituality, community, and ecology. We welcome individual retreatants and groups up to 15.

More Details

Greenkill YMCA Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Huguenot, NY
Nestled in between the Delaware Water Gap and the Catskill Mountains - Whether your preference is a rustic cabin or a well-appointed lodge overlooking our beautiful lake, we have the perfect accommodations to meet your needs and we offer group space for up to 400.

More Details

St Josephs Dwelling Place
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Ludlow, VT
Offering directed group retreat weekend, a quiet retreat with individual spiritual direction, or just a peaceful place to spend some private time in prayer and reflection, And space for groups up to 12.

More Details

Franciscan Guest House
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Kennebunk, ME
Affordable accommodations for your personal self guided retreat during your vacation. In the summer, it can be a tranquil oasis from the vacation frenzy along the coast. Also space for groups up to 1000.

More Details

Pacific Peace Retreat
Personal Retreats

Canada: Sechelt, BC
Clear your mind & listen to your heart; the perfect setting to create stillness & connect with your inner wisdom. Cynthia Miller, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Intuitive Mentor offers divinely inspired healing sessions for your specific needs & you return home feeling clear & renewed.

More Details

Paleo Wellness Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Thailand: Muang Phuket, PU
Designed to help you lose weight, detoxify your body, and restore you to optimal health and energy levels. We offer you our nutritional expertise and a personal standard of care that will enable you to lose weight and detox, with as minimal stress as possible. 

More Details

Personal Counseling & Mindfulness 
Personal Retreats 

Cambridge, MA / Location of Your Choice
I offer personal, custom retreats for individuals and couples seeking support, connection and balance. 
The focus is personal growth, relationship crisis and conflict, stress management, anxiety and addiction recovery support, self-care, and spiritual and emotional renewal.  Alternatively, many people take a retreat to learn meditation and mindfulness.

More Details

White Lily Retreat
Center for Rent

Lindstrom, MN
Designed with all modern amenities to make the perfect place for your group to gather and create! The all new open layout facilitates creativity and peace. You will feel welcomed and relaxed. For groups up to 25.

More Details

Iroquois Springs
Center for Rent

Rock Hill, NY
Located just 90 miles from NYC, Iroquois Springs can accommodate groups of 25 - 2500. Ball fields or indoor facilities, we have it all. 

More Details

Inspiration Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Walworth, WI
Nestled in tranquil woods just minutes from the sparkling waters of picturesque Geneva Lake, this private-yet-convenient year-round site is available for groups of 2 to 140. 

More Details

Wainwright House
Center for Rent

Rye, NY
A unique and exceptional alternative to traditional conference and hotel spaces complete with wireless internet access. The serenity and beauty of the house and grounds will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. For up to 80 people.

More Details

Center for Rent

Fleischmanns, NY
A private, elegant, anything-but-institutional setting, Spillian offers an all-inclusive, luxury private lodge on acres of forest: a custom private rental in a museum quality historic property for up to 75.

More Details

Synergia Ranch Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Santa Fe, NM
A private ranch managed as a "Center for Innovation & Retreats" set on 135 acres of high desert prairie, dotted with pinon and juniper trees at an elevation of 6,250 ft. with 360' vistas. 

More Details

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