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December 2018
Neuroscientists Have Identified How Exactly A Deep Breath Changes Your Mind

This recent study shows that volitionally controlling our respirational, even merely focusing on one's breathing, yield additional access and synchrony between brain areas. This understanding may lead to greater control, focus, calmness, and emotional control.

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"U-Who!" The Gift Book
That Transforms Parties and People

U-Who Book
Spiritual teacher/author Ronda LaRue, Founder of Center for SoulArts Retreats in Ojai, California, brings you an impish training manual and personal depth process in this: part parody, part spiritual teaching, part laugh out loud psychological commentary all wrapped in a meaningful Holiday dinner party game.
In this special Holiday Hosting Playbook, Ronda lays out a creative dinner party game challenge for bringing rich and transparent sharing to a Holiday gathering of friends, book clubs, and family.
This witty and entertaining 50+ page Party Game Hosting Playbook, teases and tempts the reader with spiritual reflections about life and true connection; social irony and responsibility; and the meaning of friendship -- where hosting the party game, becomes the Holiday enlightenment.
What began as gift of gratitude to SoulArts retreat clients, supporters and practitioners of SoulArts Meditative Awareness Practice (Soul-MAP)tm became a travelogue into the inspired heart, OCD mind, fiery soul, and utterly unique teachings of holistic consciousness master teacher/healer, Ronda LaRue.
With chapters like: "How to sneak up on your guests and get them to do something "for their own good"; "A party that's got legs", "Introverts and the new politics of (dinner) party", Ronda LaRue's humor and depth of spiritual life wisdom blend into a playful romp with your Holiday and party guests this season!
Included are Game Hosting Instruction and Play Sheets. Great Christmas Holiday Gift Idea for the Spiritually Playful!
Center for Soularts ~ Personal Guided Retreats for Self-Healing Breakthrough & Awakening to Your Soul's Path of Truth
Rated Top Spiritual Retreat Worldwide for Healing Breakthrough.
Couples & Marriage Private Healing Weekend Intensives
- Private Solo Guided Visioning Retreats

- Women's Healing Retreat Specials ~ See 2019 dates on our website

Blessings of the Holy-Days!
Ronda LaRue ~ Center for SoulArts

All Are Welcome Here
Discover the Commonalities of the Human Experience

All Are Welcome at Kirkridge
Today, division in our communities and the experience of "the other" is strong in our collective vocabulary. Here at Kirkridge we strive for conversation and dialogue as we gather around common tables. We gather around tables for meals, celebrations, worship and prayer claiming both our divine nature and common humanity.

Whenever we gather, we share our common stories. Together, we become what Terry Tempest Williams describes as an "ecotone... the border area where two patches meet that have different ecological composition."

Not so long ago I heard a woman attending a retreat at Kirkridge say, "This weekend has been so wonderful because I have never spoken with a convicted felon before. At breakfast I heard his story and now understand the need for prison reform." Over good meals and conversation, her table became an ecotone for new thought and perspective.

At Kirkridge we meet across class, economic barriers, cultures and race. We meet across sexual orientation, faiths, political ideologies, and generational understandings. Throughout the decades on this mountain, trust has been formed, friendships carved, and commonalities of the human experience discovered.  

Each day, I am reminded of the importance of our work as I read the words of Margaret Mead hanging in our kitchen "Never doubt the power of a small group of committed citizens to change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

Come visit, rest awhile or join us for a program. You will be welcomed at Kirkridge. 

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  Retreat Events

January 25-27 - Mt. Angel, OR
Come, Follow Me Men's Retreat

January 25-27 - Jensen Beach, FL
Spiritual Renewal Weekend

February 9-16 - Sedona, AZ
HEALtours with Donna Ballenger

February 22-24 - Mt. Angel, OR
Come, Follow Me Women's Retreat

May 6-19 - Australia: Byron Bay, NSW
Retreat in Australia, Self-Growth, Aboriginal Culture and Spirituality, Nature

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Discover Strengthen Heal - Travel for Self-Growth
- Australia

Paradise in Portugal
- Portugal: Santa Clara a Velha

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

El Rancho Robles Retreat Center
- Oracle , AZ

Paradise in Portugal
- Portugal: Santa Clara a Velha

Twin Rivers Resort and Retreat Center
- Demorest, GA

Watson Homestead
- Painted Post, NY

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Summer Volunteer + Personal Retreat
-SunDo Healing Arts Retreat Center- Barnet, VT

Volunteer at a Lake side lodge
-Paradise in Portugal- Portugal: Santa Clara a Velha

Kind Heart Retreat
January 4-6 near Santa Cruz, CA

Kind Heart Retreat
Start out this year cultivating a kind heart with guided meditations and discussions. What are the benefits of generating a kind heart? What does that mean? In this weekend retreat, we will look at the benefits of generating an attitude of kindness and the obstacles to doing so. By understanding the mental patterns that get in the way of kindness, we can learn how to develop more useful attitudes that lead to happiness for self and others.

Tao Tan Pai Qigong
Basic 31 Meditations

Tao Tan Pai Qigong
A ancient Taoist system of moving meditation and breath control that imparts good health, vitality and personal empowerment by coordinating eyes, mind, movement, and breath according to an alchemic formula that opens the heart, clears and focuses the mind and profoundly strengthens the body. Tao Tan Pai 31 Meditations is the basic health and self-healing Qigong training of the Tao Tan Pai Kung Fu system.

Visit Eastover

Eden Retreat Center
Personal Retreats 

Costa Rica
Vacation with a purpose in beautiful Costa Rica. Join us as we focus on the restoration for your health through nourishing foods, Integrative Medicine, Yoga, Meditation, adventure and so much more. Each retreats provide a custom experience to meet your indivdual needs. 

More Details

Bethany Spring
Personal Retreats 

New Haven, KY
At Bethany Spring, re-discover and deepen your relationships with yourself, God, others, and nature; and enter into a more contemplative way of being. 

More Details

Franciscan Spirituality Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

La Crosse, WI
Dedicated to anyone seeking God, meaning and wholeness. Rooted in the Gospels and sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, the Franciscan Spirituality Center is open to people of all faiths to come to learn and experience Franciscan spirituality by discovering God in all creation.  Also space for groups up to 250.

More Details

Earth Sanctuary
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Langley, WA
This retreat house is a place for personal renewal, relaxation, meditation, and peaceful reflection whatever your spiritual path. The safe and supportive environment of Retreat House provides you with a complete private retreat house. Also space for groups up to 20.

More Details

Emotional Freedom Retreats
Personal Retreats 

Spain and the UK
We offer unique retreats, workshops and integrated therapy programmes to help you gain your emotional freedom and make your personal transformation. 

More Details

Maui Healing Retreat
Personal Retreats

Makawao, HI
An all inclusive Retreat concierge on Maui Hawaii to focus on healing your Mind, Body and Spirit. We offer single, day and week Retreats to fit every budget and intention. A personal retreat offers one-on-one sessions between the participant and your practitioner so that all the material is individualized specifically for you. 

More Details

Flowering Lotus Meditation and Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Magnolia, MS
We welcome people of all backgrounds and spiritual paths to practice with us in the pursuit of peace and healing. Our teachers are recognized worldwide for their knowledge of Buddhist teachings and meditation techniques. Meditation, practiced on a regular basis, has been proven to be beneficial physically, psychologically and spiritually.
Also group space for up to 39.

More Details

Coppertoppe Inn & Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Hebron, NH
We offer serene, luxurious retreats to take time out and relax, get centered, deal with life changes, focus on a new life purpose/vision or work on a creative project. Whether it is for a weekend or a week, we help you design your schedule, which can include T'ai Chi, guided meditation, one-on-one conversation/coaching, strolls around a cute town, or much many more options. Also space for groups up to 35.

More Details

Abode of the Message
Center for Rent

New Lebanon, NY
Located on over 300 acres of natural beauty, nestled in the foothills of the Berkshire and Taconic Mountains, our main campus with its original Shaker buildings serves as a host facility for retreats and group events for up to 110.

More Details

EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

City, St
Located just an hour north of San Francisco, EarthRise at IONS is housed on 194 acres of beautiful rolling hills where hiking trails meander through woodlands, and the surrounding open space offers panoramic vistas of the California landscape. For groups to 150.

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