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July 2018
What Meditation Can't Cure

Meditation wasn't designed to heal early psychological wounds, explains Debra Flics. She cautions us not to look to it as a replacement for psychotherapy.

Read the full article at Lion's Roar

Being a Hummingbird
A One Day Mini Retreat

Thrive Tribe Retreat
Hummingbirds remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Also, because they often seem to appear out of nowhere, they remind us that joy is unpredictable and can often be just around the corner. These lovely creatures are also a good reminder of how we expend our own energy, and encourage us to always be seeking out what's good in life.  Is our happiness found within, or are we seeking it externally, and what is the source of our joy?  Our August one day mini retreat in San Diego will seek to explore these questions.
Enjoy a quick getaway with a tribe of soulful women, and experience a day of laughter, fun and rejuvenation.  Our one-day retreat will be held on August 25, 2018, at the beautiful Keys Creek Lavender Farm nestled on 8.5 acres in a beautiful, serene valley in Northern San Diego County.   The farm has more than a dozen varieties of lavender, and is an enchanting, magical place filled with love and miracles!
It can be challenging to find a whole weekend away, but now you don't have to. Our quick and easy one day "Girlfriend Getaway" retreat on the beautiful grounds of Keys Creek Lavender Farm will allow you to restore gain clarity through meditation and a touch of soul work. 
With transformative meditation sessions, sacred breath, a feminine dance workshop, and a workshop focused on overcoming fear and embracing freedom, the day offers the perfect mix of soul work and relaxation.  Enjoy a delicious catered lunch, and there's also plenty of free time for reflection, relaxing by the pool, and meeting new friends.  The day ends with a soul circle with your new tribe!
Led by experienced facilitators and best friends, Sara and Niki, in beautiful destinations in and around San Diego, our One Day Mini Retreats invite women to come together for inspiration and transformation.  Each retreat is a celebration with like-minded women, incorporating a touch of soul work to discover who you truly are and how to live life fully and joyfully. You'll learn to integrate life-changing practices into your days and leave feeling inspired, relaxed, and renewed.
Say YES to you!  Join us for an amazing day of soul-touching joy, laughter, and reflection.  We love you sister, and look forward to meeting you!

Storytelling Alchemy Retreat
Conjure & Craft Your Happy Ending

Storytelling Alchemy Retreat
Once upon a time, a group of truly magickal beings gathered in an enchanted autumn wood to conjure empowerment, liberation and happiness!

A weekend of creativity, magick and transformation awaits you, October 5, 6 and 7th in the beautiful New England countryside.
This retreat is based on the upcoming Red Wheel/Weiser Book, "Storytelling Alchemy - Craft and Conjure Your Own Happy Ending" by Ren�e Damoiselle. 

We've all experienced difficulties in our lives and we tend to tell ourselves a story about those difficulties.  For many, the understanding that we carry about the hard times is burdensome.  It limits our potential, steals our happiness and deprives us of the empowering ability to be our authentic selves. 

This weekend retreat will immerse you in a meditative and magickal practice as Ren�e guides you through the steps to transform the "Story You Tell Yourself" into a Fairytale with a happier ending.  This helps you to re-frame perceptions, fostering healing, forgiveness and empowerment. You will leave this weekend with new skills of enchantment and power, which can be applied again and again throughout your life.

Our home for the weekend is Guest House, a beautifully renovated country inn, on 17 wooded acres in the scenic Connecticut River Valley. Enjoy walking trails, labyrinth and tree-shaded deck, all in the enchanted beauty of autumn in New England. Double occupancy rooms are beautifully appointed with private baths and Healthful meals are included.

Infinite Healing Forces
Harmonic Sounds & Vibrations

Harmonic Sounds _ Vibrations
Eastover Estate & Eco Village, August 16th-19th

Magnetic-Harmonic Vibrational Therapist, Jay Emmanuel, A.K., N.S.,V.M. shares powerful energy techniques that use the forces of sounds produced by the human voice in combination with Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls to activate the body's natural self-healing response. Utilizing specific sounds and frequencies of vibrations together with "Parthonic Energy" and "Mind Energy in Action", he helps re-establish the proper harmonic tones and frequencies within the subtle energy fields of the body - the Chakras, Etheric body, Auric energy field, and the physical body.

 Jay believes everyone has a force within that can activate their "Natural Pharmacy". This inner macrocosmic force, encoded in our DNA archives, can bring upon regeneration and the natural healing process of the entire biophysical, mental, energetic/etheric body. He is a Pranic Energy Therapist, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi and Reiki Practitoner as well. His book - The Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds & Vibrations is available on Amazon.

EZ Oceanside Yoga Retreat
July 22-27 - All Fitness Levels

Sedona Spirit Yoga _ Hiking
Have you wanted to try Yoga to relax and become more fit? Whatever shape your body is in, you can enjoy our deeply spiritual, meditative Yoga retreat with low-impact, gentle stretching. Our focus is on accessing the peace within and enjoying summer by the beach. Veteran instructor, Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD, is skilled at introducing beginners to Yoga.  It's not about straining to put your body into uncomfortable positions, but about relaxing into gentle movement, feeling grounded, and enhancing aliveness. Optional accommodations include lodging with three delicious meals a day at the Mission San Luis Rey Retreat in Oceanside, CA, which has a pool, rose gardens, labyrinth, and historic chapel. Or, you can attend the program without accommodations. Johanna leads morning and evening classes, with five hours free time in the afternoon for you to enjoy nearby attractions, such as Moonlight Beach, Yogananda's SRF Gardens, and Sea World. Hope you'll join us.  

12 Step Recovery Retreats
The McIver Center at The Retreat

12 Step Recovery Retreats
If you are looking for a reflective and nourishing retreat space, you will love our McIver Center for Family and Spiritual Development in Wayzata, MN. When you enter our grounds you leave the city behind and are surrounded by 22 acres of nature and beauty.

Our spiritual retreats are conducted on an ongoing basis to help participants strengthen and deepen their connection to others in the recovery community and with their Higher Power. All retreat leaders are actively engaged in their own recovery and have extensive experience creating and facilitating programming. Each retreat is recovery-related and designed to help revitalize a participant's understanding and practice of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon.

We believe that spirituality is critical to a successful and fulfilling life and recovery. Our retreats provide an environment that supports this growth, in an affordable space with quick and easy access to the metropolitan area.

A Life-Giving Retreat
Reawaken Your Soul 

Matchless Retreat Atlanta
Are you ready for someone else to breathe life back into you?

As women, we are often juggling more than we can carry. It leaves us neglecting the one thing that we need in order to keep going, ourselves. Join us August in order to reawaken to you!

You may be wondering, "with all of the demands that I have on my time, why should I make space to attend this retreat?"

Many of us can't remember the last time we stopped and took time to check in with ourselves. Most women find themselves completely overwhelmed with life and all of its responsibilities. As life presses upon us, we often loose a bit of ourselves with each demand, issue, complaint, and disappointment. Throughout the weekend you will experience transformative workshops and events that will breathe life into you. Click the link to see what's included if you decide to attend.......

Recently Added Listings

  Retreat Events

July 27-29 - Newburgh, NY
Radiant Ecstasy Women's Weekend

July 28- August 4 - Vallecitos, NM
Cultivating the Inner Holding Environment

August 9-12 - El Rito, NM
Intuitive Painting--Creativity and Spirit Retreat

August 17-19 - Rosendale, NY
REVIVE Retreat - A Journey from Healing to Joy

August 24-31 - Vallecitos, NM
Working with Afflictive Mind States and their Antidotes

September 1-8 - Springwater, NY
7-Day Retreat with Sandra Gonzalez and Susan Schepp

September 9-21 - Springwater, NY
Quiet Weeks

September 14-21 - Los Gatos, CA
Floating Zendo Sesshin

September 17-20 - Mount Shasta, CA
The Enlightened Journey

September 21-23 - Ukiah, CA
Transforming Trauma with Flower Energetics

September 22-29 - Springwater, NY
7-Day Retreat with Richard Witteman

October 26-28 - Jensen Beach, FL
A Yoga and Meditation Renewal Weekend

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

A Homecoming To Yourself Personal Retreat
- Oxnard, CA

Jasmine Garden Oasis Retreat House
- Santa Cruz, CA

Samadhi Hermitage - A Meditation Caves Retreat Center
- Madrid, NM

Shamrock Thistle and Crown
- Weirsdale, FL

The Priory Retreat House
- Chestertown, NY

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Inn at Laurita Winery
- New Egypt, NJ

Shamrock Thistle and Crown
- Weirsdale, FL

Retreat Property for Sale

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge - AUCTION
- Copper Harbor, MI

Learn To Lead Retreats
Retreat Leader Training 

Become a Retreat Coach
Work with Master Coach Helene Van Manen in a 4 day certification training in Colorado.
You will return home ready to lead retreats that are profitable and inspiring. You will also get coached on how to be a smart business woman and learn how to budget and charge what your retreats are worth. Get professional about leading retreats now.

Black Moon Healing Retreat
Spiritual Transformation in Bali

Spiritual Transformation in Bali
Opportunity to partake in a mystical journey into the culture, and beauty of spirit in Bali in an all-inclusive 7 night retreat: Gentle Yoga and meditation, healing treatments, visit temples, blessings at important sacred sites, fabulous culinary experience, luxury villas with private rooms & bath. Hosted by a seasoned Bali expert, Fateh, owner of a wellness center, accompanied by a powerful local Healer and Shaman.

Courage & Renewal Retreats 
Kirkridge Retreat Center 

Courage _ Renewal Retreats
Based on the work on Parker Palmer, each program offers participants an opportunity to reflect, recharge, and renew themselves. Programs focus on cultivating each participant's personal and professional integrity and the courage to act. As a result of each retreat, participants will develop deeper insights into themselves and be able to bring greater authenticity and integrity to their work and relationships.

Visit Kirkridge

Living Yoga Program 
100-Hour Immersion, July 20-29  

Living Yoga Program
Are you ready for a transformational experience? Immerse yourself in spiritual practice. Stay on-site at our beautiful Austin locale in the Texas Hill Country. Daily yoga, breathing practices and meditation. Fascinating workshops. Wonderful, nourishing meals. The essence of yoga is union with self, knowing oneself more deeply and ultimately feeling connected with All-That-Is. For both aspiring teachers and devoted students, this training is ideal! 

Visit Living Yoga Program

Becoming Whole
The First Steps Towards Healing

Dina Saalisi Healing Arts
Personal growth is a life-long practice. If you are a survivor of trauma there are particular challenges that may seem overwhelming at the beginning of recovery. Recognizing that you're not alone and that you're greater than your suffering allows you to shift daunting emotions.
Through this understanding, you begin to re-create your story and embrace a narrative that includes growth, healing and wholeness of being.

Visit Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

Radiant Ecstasy 
Women's Weekend (7/27-7/29)

Radiant Ecstasy Women_s Weekend
Your Sensual Empowerment is a tool for personal growth and self actualization.
Please join us for 3-days workshop at a beautiful private home in Upstate NY on 4 acres of land where you will learn to commune with yourself, nature, and your sensual self in an intimate community of sisterhood. All meals, accomodations and instruction are included in the cost -$1,200. Space is limited.

Join the Whole Experience 
Retreat in Bali and Thailand! 

Experience Bali _ Thailand
We are a week-long, all-inclusive, health retreat designed to bring 14 women together in health, wellness, and travel. Our days are filled with Yoga, Meditation, Bootcamps, and fun experiences! Join us in Bali (October 8-15) or Thailand (November 18-25) for an amazing time with 14 like-minded women. View a video of our last retreat on our website.

Sonoma Couples Retreat
Personal Retreats

Sonoma, CA
There comes a time when "enough is enough" and you want to get your life back on track. Whether you are struggling with your marriage or challenged in your personal life, you can find the space and guidance to move forward in becoming all that you or your relationship were meant to be. 

More Details

Trinity Center - at the Beach!
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Pine Knoll Shores, NC
On the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina and away from busy city life, Trinity Center guests enjoy a natural barrier island setting of maritime forest, rolling dunes, undeveloped oceanfront, and sound-side waterways. Our professional staff will customize your retreat or meeting (for up to 180).

More Details

Self-Discovery Coaching Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Los Angeles, CA
Gift yourself the opportunity to experience a customized retreat with Rachel Karu, President of the International Coach Federation, Los Angeles, a certified coach, author, and self-discovery expert! 

More Details

Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Leyden, MA
Spirit Fire is both an educational organization focused on meditation and a retreat facility available for group rental and personal Quietude retreats. Spirit Fire is located on 95 private acres of serenity and beauty in Western Massachusetts. 

More Details

IAM Center for Creative Healing
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

New Albany, PA
Are you looking for a place where you can experience deep inner and interpersonal work in a safe environment? Are you looking for holistic approach to your inner healing? Also group space for up to 20.

More Details

Columbine Inn & Conference
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Taos Ski Valley, NM
Create an atmosphere that your retreat participants will not soon forget. We personally take care of all the fine details in order to make your New Mexico retreat, seminar or reunion a success. We specialize in retreats of 10 - 75 people. 

More Details

Spirit Mountain Retreat
Personal Retreats

Idyllwild, CA
We are a non-denominational spirituality/ meditation center.  Our center is nestled in the majestic San Jacinto Mountains within the San Bernardino National Forest. We offer a quiet place for individual and small group reflection, attuning to one's inner spirit, prayer, meditation and spiritual guidance. 

More Details

Mountain Trek Health and Fitness
Personal Retreats 

Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC
The Mountain Trek program is all about living the ideal day...every day for the rest of your life. No matter where you live or what your availability, we offer a program that's right for you from the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia to sunny Baja, Mexico.

More Details

Stony Point Conference & Retreat 
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Stony Point, NY
Welcoming across boundaries by providing quality overnight and day-use accommodations for individuals and guest groups. Our meeting spaces are open and comfortable and we offer high tech user friendly amenities. For up to 160.

More Details

Infinite Alignment
Personal Retreats 

Evergreen, CO
Energetic Alignment Retreats & Services - Personalized individual and group retreats to revitalize and restore your Body, Mind and Spirit. Located in the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. 

More Details

Pecos Benedictine Monastery
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Pecos, NM
Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains lies the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey located twenty-five miles east of Santa Fe. Our hermitages provide opportunities for deeper dimensions of quiet and solitude. Our group space is for up to 60.

More Details

One-on-One Life Coaching Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Santa Barbara, CA
If you are a woman who feels like your life is stuck in a joyless holding pattern. .What if you had a gentle and compassionate guide to take you by the hand and lead you on a soul-searching journey of self-discovery that leads to a place where life is joyful again? I have been doing just that with retreat clients in Santa Barbara for over fifteen years.

More Details

Western Spirit Enrichment Center
Personal Retreats

Sedona, AZ
You've taken an ordinary vacation before, now take a spiritual journey that will change your life - Western Spirit's mind, body, spiritual retreats.

More Details

Sakya Kachod Choling
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Friday Harbor, WA
Loocated on 20 acres of beautiful tree covered hillside on San Juan Island, Washington. The serene, natural setting offers a place of refuge and support for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike year 'round.

More Details

Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Craryville, NY
Nestled amidst the Berkshire and Taconic Mountains, Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center covers 130 acres of open fields, lush forests, colorful flower beds, and an abundant vegetable garden nourished by the crystal clear Taconic Stream.

More Details

Historic C.O.D. Ranch and Retreat
Center for Rent

Oracle, AZ
A natural sanctuary for a diverse number of groups in the southwest Arizona area looking for a special place in a beautiful natural setting with delicious meals, warm comfortable accommodations and a caring spirit. For groups up to 110.

More Details

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