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April 2017
Spiritual Retreats Alter Brain's Reward and Emotion Centers

A new study sheds light on why people who attend spiritual retreats report greater psychological well-being, after finding that such retreats may increase levels of "feel-good" hormones in the brain.

New research offers insight into how spiritual retreats affect the brain. Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA, found that individuals who attended a spiritual retreat for 7 days experienced changes in the dopamine and serotonin systems of the brain, which boosts the availability of these neurotransmitters.

Read More at Medical News Today
From Striving to Arriving
Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat

Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat
Boldly Going Nowhere was created by Shannon Plummer and Bob Sima. Boldly Going Nowhere has a clear intention: to bring you to the NOW-HERE. Whatever "here" and "now" need to be for you.

Shannon and Bob combine stimulating discussion, creative silences, inspiring activities, and soul-stirring music to remind you that nowhere is now-here. Each BGN retreat is unique and packaged as a way to share lessons, experiences, teachings, integrations, and connection.

Below is the channeled writing that set the stage for the previous BGN retreat. Join us this summer and find out what the new paradigm will be!

Time just is. Time doesn't "go" anywhere. Matter moves through - what we call and define as - time. Matter becomes our truth. Our truth is based on our perceptions. Perceptions are created by history. History contains events and experiences in time. Experience etymology roots back to the concept of observing and affecting through test and trial and measurement. The affect leaves imprints in matter on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, ethereal, spiritual, financial. We base our striving on where we believe ourselves to be within a comparative scale of those experiential levels.

But time remains constant. It never evolves. It never changes. Regardless of how humans try to measure time or - more accurately - measure matter's movement through time. Time just is. Time doesn't know itself to be anything other than the eternality of the present moment. The now. The now here. The nowhere.

The nowhere. The nothing. The no thing. The nothingness. The is-ness. The place where all is known because nothing is forgotten. Love of the unconditional kind. Unconditionality is the acceptance of the now here just as it is with and in time.

So how do we be like time? 

Stop the measurements. End the striving. Arrive. Here. Now.

Make every "time-measured" moment of our matter-filled lives the unconditional and timeless now here. That moment becomes this moment and moves into the next moment. There becomes here and moves into the next there. Fill each fleeting moment and every new there with unconditional qualities like grace, joy, love, abundance, acceptance, gratitude, surrender. Be better prepared to arrive into each "now" when the previous "now" experience is unconditional timelessness. This is the energy, the vibration, the frequency with which you move through time.

Remember: Time just is. Matter moves through time.

Arrive. Nowhere.

Arrive. Now. Here.

Visit Boldly Going Nowhere

Private, Custom Retreats
Any location  -  25 year expert

Customized Counseling Retreat
This is a unique opportunity to experience a fully private, customized counseling and mindfulness retreat in any inspiring location in the U.S. or Canada. With decades of mindfulness practice and 25 years as a counselor and coach, David Stringham, MPH, MSW, creates custom, personal retreats where he expertly guides you through the deep inner work needed to help you break free of old patterns and increase your well being.
Together, you and David choose the setting, the accommodations, the duration, and format of your retreat. David has conducted private retreats for individuals, couples and families in a wide variety of settings: comfortable country homes, cabins in beautiful natural areas, campsites on remote beaches, backpacking adventures in rugged wilderness areas (David is an expert outdoorsman), and many other environments. Retreats can last from half-day to multiple days.
In a location that feeds your soul, David helps you find clarity and resolve-whether it's making needed life changes/decisions, dealing with difficult situations, finding your life purpose, or expanding your well being. Activities typically include walking in nature, mindfulness practices, processing uncomfortable thoughts and emotions as they arise, sharing meals and more.  And there's plenty of time for just relaxing.
To explore the option of a private counseling and mindfulness retreat, you are encouraged to contact David at 801-891-5093 to schedule a 30-minute, no-cost phone consultation. Together you will talk about your needs and possible retreat locations, and most importantly, learn whether David's approach is the right fit for you. 

Get What You Want!
August 13-19  -  Cabo, Mexico

Cabo Beach Retreat
Tired of promising yourself change and never delivering? When are you going to take control? If you ask most people how to create the reality they want, it doesn't occur to them that they have any say in it. They wish for it, but there is no internal conversation that says "I can and I will!"  We are masters at creating that conversation. Of course you create your reality and can change the life that you are in. Reality is constructed from the inside out and made of movable and changeable parts. It's a matter of knowing how, and that is our expertise. It's not a mystery, it is a process. The "Getting What You Want" intensive is designed to confront your obstacles, stand up to your fears and overcome them. You will change. You will know what you want and how to get it. Stop waiting. Do it now.

A Shift is Happening
September 1-4 in Hermosa Costa Rica

Womens Retreat Costa Rica
Feeling stuck or not good enough is more common among women than you think. Taking a break from your daily life, is sometimes necessary to reflect, heal, and re-align so you can come back into your life with a clear mind and an open heart. At the Phoenix Retreat, like the mythical bird that sets itself aflame then arises new from the ashes, you will learn how to drop the armor, shed the old skin, and live a more joy-FULL and authentic life.
This retreat experience is for women only and includes a transformational three-week on-line coaching program, with a luxurious all-inclusive capstone retreat in Hermosa, Costa Rica Labor Day weekend 2017. Enjoy private rooms with 180 degree views of the lush Costa Rican landscape while connecting with other likeminded women. Book today and take advantage of our early bird special $800 off, and payment plans.

A Practical Guide to True Happiness
FREE RETREAT - April 21-28 - Santa Cruz, CA

Free Meditation Retreat
Have you been curious about Buddhist practice, but don't know where to begin? Have you attended Buddhist teachings, but don't know how to meditate on the subjects you've studied?

Course leader Venerable Amy Miller is a highly experienced teacher and co-author of Buddhism in a Nutshell. Her style emphasizes a practical approach to integrating Buddhist philosophy into everyday life.

This class will be based on the "Stages of the Path" (lamrim) tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and will include lectures, guided meditations, discussion periods, and experiential homework assignments. 

Recently Added Listings

  Retreat Events

April 15-21 - Tulum, Mexico
Sol-to-Soul Yoga Retreat

April 22-23 - Wardensville, WV
Well-being Mindfulness Meditation Weekend

May 4-7 - Carlinville, IL
The Birthing Experience

May 10-13 - Sedona, AZ
Shamanic Reiki Retreat

May 14-20 - Ireland: Bundoran
Reiki 1 and Ocean Fun Retreat

May 16-21 - Napa Valley, CA
Align and Revitalize Your Life

May 25-29 - Hawaii, HI
Knowing Within Aha Kane Men's Retreat

May 26- June 4 - Millerton, NY
The Meaningful Life Spring Retreat with George Haas

June 1-8 - Colfax, CA
Wisdom of Woman's Body

June 4-11 - Palm Springs, CA
Reiki Energy Healing Retreat and Workshop

June 8-11 - Crested Butte, CO
Clear Path Retreat

June 9-11 - Sedona, AZ
Introduction to Cranialsacral Therapy

June 9-25 - Lenox, MA
Mantak Chia Universal Healing Tao - Teacher Training

June 22-25 - Keystone, CO
Soulful Balance Retreat

June 23-30 - Lenox, MA
Medical Qigong and Oriental Medicine Symposium

July 6-9 - Keystone, CO
Aware, Awake and Alive Retreat

July 21-23 - Lenox, MA
Taichi Alchemy with Rick Barrett

July 22-29 - Mexico: Tulum
Yoga and Diving Retreat

July 23-29 - Italy: Motepertuso
Amalfi Coast Yoga and Walking Holiday

August 19-26 - Italy: Nibbiaia
Transformational Awareness Retreat - Practical Metaphysics

August 24-27 - Keystone, CO
Mindful Goddesses Retreat

September 22-24 - Zion National Park, UT
Spark Women's Leadership Retreat

More Event listings are added daily
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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Inner Fire Retreats at the Morriplum Farm Sanctuary
- Medford, OR

La Duna Centro Ecologico
- Mexico: La Paz, BCS

Spirit in the Desert
- Carefree, AZ

Waking Dreams Retreat
- Asheville, NC

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Camp Airy
- Thurmont,, MD

Camp Louise
- Cascade, MD

La Duna Centro Ecologico
- Mexico: La Paz, BCS

Retreat Property for Sale

Extraordinary Views in the Gorgeous Smoky Mountains
- Maryville, TN

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Community Relations Coordinator
-Vajrapani Institute- Boulder Creek, CA

-Vajrapani Institute- Boulder Creek, CA

-Land of Medicine Buddha- Soquel, CA

-Highlands Presbyterian Camp and Retreat Center- Allenspark, CO

-Vajrapani Institute- Boulder Creek, CA

Lead Cook
-Vajrapani Institute- Boulder Creek, CA

Reservationist and Guest Activities Manager
-Highlands Presbyterian Camp and Retreat Center- Allenspark, CO

The Goddess Path
The Goddesses are Awakening!

Divine Feminine Essence
Experience an Inner Awakening and an Initiation into your Divine Feminine Essence! Step by step you will reunite with your Feminine True Power, you will understand how to become one with your Divine Self and how to create from an inner perspective of your Sacred Sexuality. You will have the opportunity to fully experience the magic of your femininity outside monopolized paradigms and false moralities.

Chrysalis Circle Summer Camp
The Gaia Experience for Teen Girls

Teen Girls Retreat
Chrysalis Circle is an empowerment camp for girls 11-15 years to explore and develop the woman blossoming within them. This six-day program guides young women on a journey to discover and connect to their core being, find their authentic voice, gain confidence, explore their mind-body-spirit connection through Gaia Theory study and exhilarating adventures in nature. The camp runs June 12-17, 2017.

Energize Body & Spirit
an Uplifting Sedona Retreat

Uplifting Sedona Retreat
Enjoy a nurturing Sedona-Grand Canyon Yoga & Hiking Retreat-May 6-10 or Oct. 14-18, 2017, with deluxe Sedona hotel lodging.  Relax with gentle indoor yoga, meditation and coaching. Enjoy leisurely nature walks with yoga/meditation at majestic red rock vistas and tours to sacred sites. Focus on self-discovery and intention-setting amid mystical vortex energy. Expert guides will lead you on heart-opening adventures. Custom retreats also available.

Holistic Colombia
Explore Your Sacred Feminine

sacred feminine retreat
Intuition Eterno is unlike any other yoga retreat in the world. Facilitated by two yoga and theatre professionals, a group of women will travel from beach bungalows on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, to the lush mountains of the Antioquia region. 10 days yoga, improv & dance, vegetarian meals, surfing, hiking, women's circles and more. Wachuma and sweat lodge ceremonies with the Eagle Condor Alliance. 

Visit Intuition Eterno

The Birthing Experience
Birthing Miracles with Friends

Birthing Miracles with Friends
Women do not know how to be friends!  Competition is high while true support and loyalty are low.  The perfect design is modeled for us in Mary and Elisabeth when they were pregnant with Jesus and John the Baptist.   How are friendships working for you?  Join us as we learn about friendships the way that God intended.  Come experience the pain and joy of birthing!

Nourish Your Soul
Magical Ibiza Summer Retreat

Ibiza Summer Retreat
Do have burnout and want a holiday to relax and reconnect to you? Do you suffer from stress, anxiety or fear, that prevents you from taking action and moving forward? Do you want to learn empowerment tools and practices to inspire healthy, lasting change? Do you crave connection with a tribe of like-minded people in beautiful places with inspiring activities? Then this is your sign.

Flying Phoenix Qigong
Ermei Teachings with Sifu Dunn

Ermei Flying Phoenix Qigong
CA CEUs available. "It's important to have bona fide teachings by bona fide teachers. Too often students wind up learning a little bit of this form and a little bit of another, while never learning any complete system. This series is a good example of a serious and gifted instructor who offers a complete system of healing qigong to the serious student" Solala Towler

One Whole Health Wellness
Personal Retreats 

Crested Butte, CO
Stillness speaks here. Meditate in the hillside Aspen grove or hike among the the wildflowers and evergreens. Relax with a book on the wrap-around deck or catch the sunset from the patio hot-tub. Ease into the evening in front of a roaring fire.

More Details

Exclusive Personal Healing Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Santa Barbara, CA
Experience a total healing immersion on your own customized healing retreat facilitated by master energy healer and counselor Dani Antman, SEP.

More Details

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Biddeford, ME
The Center offers a spiritual harbor for heart and soul, providing opportunity for silent reflection, healing, and prayer for those seeking rest for the body, quiet for the mind and renewal for the spirit along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean at Biddeford Pool, Maine. Also groups up to 75.

Trinity Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Pine Knoll Shores, NC
Our Pelican House is a silent retreat facility. Throughout the year we offer programmed retreats. Our professional staff will customize your meeting, lodging and dining needs for 12 persons at our retreat house, 90 nestled in rooms, or 100 youth in our dorms. Walk the beach; watch the sunset; and perhaps...catch a glimpse of our elusive dolphins.

More Details

Bethel Ridge Couples Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Naches, WA
A peaceful setting where a couple can rekindle lost passion and intimacy in their relationship. Our cabins are luxurious. Couples can participate in one of our Monthly Intimate Marriage Weekends. 

Cobblestone Springs
Personal Retreats 

Dundee, NY
Cobblestone Springs is an interdenominational retreat/renewal center located in the Finger Lakes Regionis set on 16 mostly-wooded acres with a large front porch, a patio garden, a screened gazebo, an outdoor chapel, and trails with benches in quiet places for prayer and reflection. We offer space for individual renewal and programs related to spirituality, community, and ecology. Groups up to 15 also welcome.

More Details

White Rose Farm
Personal Retreats 

Taneytown, MD
Peaceful, quiet, lively, lovely retreat space in the deep country.Perfect for a healing retreat or for an artist's retreat. Guests have access to a meditation area and two porches. Walk to the pond or to the crest of the hill. 

More Details

Hawaii Island Retreat
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Big Island, HI
Our 50 acre eco-friendly retreat center offers refined accommodations in harmony with nature. Featuring a yoga room, massage, gardens. Select from packages such as: Return to Self, Mother-Daughter, or Hawaiian Journey Family Retreat. Also for groups up to 150.

More Details

Cascadas Farallas - Waterfall Villas
Personal Retreats 

Costa Rica, Dominical
Yoga and Spiritual Retreat - Private personal Retreats are on-going allowing you to arrive any time there is availability for your stay. You will get a personalized Yoga instruction in small classes in the mornings, and private classes in the afternoons with meditation.

Ann's Sanctuary of the Rose
Personal Retreats 

Near Colorado Springs, CO
Whether you are coping with difficult times, searching for answers to life's questions, writing your novel, re-connecting with your significant other or need a peaceful getaway from the world, the Sanctuary of the Rose is for you. 
Private guesthouse, Southwestern Decor, Mountain views, Labyrinth, Spiritual Direction. 

More Details

Grail Springs Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Bancroft, ON
A private sanctuary beside a curative alkaline~based spring lake sitting with choices in energy regeneration program, detox cleanse program, juice cleanse program, life-transformation program, yoga, meditation, healthy meals, coaching and spiritual guidance.

More Details

The Golden Oracle
Personal Retreats 

Oracle, AZ
On the edge of the Coronado National Forest in the Catalina Mountains your Retreat provides a private cottage, fresh food daily, working materials, and free counseling to  to allow physical and emotional release of old "roadblocks" and conditions that have stifled your health, career, and relationships.

More Details

Franciscan Guest House
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Kennebunk, ME
The Franciscan Guest House Hotel offers affordable accommodations for your personal self guided retreat during your vacation. Or for your group of up to 1000 we have 65 rooms, various meeting room size options from small to large, and a great location near Kennebunkport Village and the beach.

More Details

M5 Ranch
Center for Rent

Bucham Dam, TX
Where we combine rustic elegance with professional facilities in a beautiful Texas Hill Country setting to create the perfect venue for retreats. At M5 Ranch, your team's purpose will be clearly in focus and the ambiance of the Texas Hill Country will heighten productivity and increase the cohesiveness of the team.

More Details

Edwards House Meeting & Retreat
Center for Rent

Framingham, MA
The spacious turn-of-the-century Edwards House rests on 113 acres of meadows and woods surrounded by expansive lawns, fields and walking trails for groups up to 100.

More Details

Hope Springs Institute
Center for Rent

Peebles, OH
Retreat in southern Ohio's Appalachian foothills providing intentional space for mindful, creative and healthy private group retreats. Hope Springs also sponsors profoundly transformational workshops on topics which include women's issues, empowered leadership, and personal growth.

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