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March 2017
Life Transforming Retreats
Is Suffering... Optional

Life Transforming Retreats
Pain appears straightforward and certainly unavoidable, but the notion of suffering causes pause, even contemplation. Pain presents itself in both the physical and emotional realm. Pain is actually impermanent. We normally experience physical pain diminish over time through the body's innate ability to self-heal. What about emotional pain? 
Neuroscience studies have proven that humans become addicted to the chemistry of emotional pain. Our default mind-body responses to pain arise through long-term dependence on emotions of victimhood, fear, anxiety, guilt, self-doubt, frustration, and blame (basically our self-constructed narrative). Neurons become hard-wired in the mind. Our minds embellish stories creating a reality based upon suffering.
Increasing our self-awareness of day to day suffering can begin to bring an end to all suffering (our own and others). This can be accomplished through basic mindfulness and right action. 
What about physical pain from an injury/operation? Or the grief experienced from the loss of a loved one? We have an aversion to unpleasant feelings/sensations and tend to bury trauma deep inside. It's our resistance and attachment that creates suffering.  
How do we actively choose to end suffering? Firstly, don't push pain or suffering away - meet it, embrace it, breath into it and accept it. This is not our identity. Secondly, let go of the attachments and aversions to pleasant and unpleasant emotions and sensations. Through recognizing this, we are able to consciously embrace and accept what is arising in each and every moment. Letting go of reactivity and responding from a peaceful place of truth. Ultimately we are creating a life in the present moment.
Letting go Tips:
1. Choose right action

2. Gain awareness/observe/experience what needs to be released.

3. Focus on the present moment - be mindful.

4. Try our Deep Dive for 5 practice

Although these tips are effective, lifelong change occurs when our deep-rooted patterns/beliefs are dissolved. At Infinite Alignment our retreat mission is to transform your life from pain and suffering into joy and peace.
Experience the wholeness within, create a new life path with purpose , move freely with passion and awareness in the world, and develop loving relationships.
Register today for a 3 day Personal Life Transformational Retreat or our Heart-Mind Intensive Healing Retreat.
Illuminating - Embodiment - Wisdom - Self-Mastery
Includes yoga, meditation & breathwork, nature's alignment, therapeutic bodywork, vibrational healing, mindfulness coaching, brain illumination, energy awareness, heart-mind coherence, and neurofeedback. 

Teacher Training Costa Rica
Spiritual Eco-Community PachaMama

Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica
Community - Healing - Empowerment
May 25th - June 20th, 2017
This 200 hour, Yoga Alliance certified training is a unique and intensive journey into the heart of yoga.  It weaves together the ancient wisdom of yoga tradition with contemporary understandings of the human body as well as Shaolin energetic arts, prayer and ceremony. Led by Adya and Velan, this yoga journey invites participants into a deep exploration of their very core.
Like all the work that takes place in PachaMama, the Yoga Teacher Training carries the quality of reflection and meditation to allow for a growing awareness. This in-depth training is much more than a yoga experience.  It combines deep yoga practice with transformative healing tools, emotional awareness and earth rituals to inspire a deeper process. This is much more than just a yoga training, it is the start of a shift towards embracing life with awareness, self-acceptance, recognition of oneness and reverence for the Earth.
Held in the off-grid intentional community of PachaMama, the Training is held by the village's high vibe, organic vegetarian food, oxygen rich forest environment and vibrant community life. This meditative community welcomes spiritual seekers, yogis and fellow travelers by holding a safe space for their sacred journey inwards and its transformative potential.
Adya and Velan live and work between PachaMama, Costa Rica and Australia.  They're life work has enabled them to help others to unveil their unique expression and bridge yoga philosophy into an embodied life experience.

Visit PachaMama

Symposium of Taichi/ Qigong
June 23-30, Eastover, Lenox. MA

Symposium of Taichi_Qigong Eastern MDs
Eary bird: $100 off by March 30th, 20% off room & board now, couples 20% off tuition.
TCM Doctors receive 50 PDAs from NCCAOM
Mantak Chia, Lonny Jarrett, Roger Jahnke, Junfeng Li, Terry Dunn, Jampa Stewart, Rengang Wang, Jianye Jiang, Solala Towler, Daisy Lee, ....

Join 15 internationally renowned leading practitioners in Eastern philosophy and practice at Eastover for The Medical Qigong, Taichi and Eastern Medicine Symposium. We will dive deep into the wisdom of the ancient healing traditions of the East and discuss practical modern applications of powerful practices like Qigong, Taichi and Eastern energy healing and herbal medicine.
The Symposium welcomes both beginners, as well as experienced practitioners.
- Healing of the Heart Daoist and Dharma meditations - How to be ALIVE -Always Living In Vibrant Energy - Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching - world's second most translated book besides the Bible - Eastern medicine - how it can help heal and aids in the treatment of cancer, chronic pain, physical injury - Tai Chi as a practical exercise in energy cultivation, balance to prevent falls, and mental focus throughout aging - Women's Qigong - Ancient martial arts practice - Tea ceremony

Recently Added Listings

  Retreat Events

March 10-12 - Cornwall-on-Hudson , NY
Your True Heart's Desire

April 2-9 - Kona, HI
Emotional Healing and Awaken your Intuition

April 8-16 - Spain: Marbella
I Love My Life Holistic Retreat

April 20-23 - Clatskanie, OR
Colors of Compassion: A Mindfulness Meditation Retreat for People of Color

April 21-24 - Castle Rock, CO
Anxiety to Joy Retreat Retreat

April 28- May 1 - Springwater, NY
3-Day Retreat w/Stew Glick

May 3-7 - Kapoho, HI
Knowing Within Hawaii Retreat

May 5-7 - Wallingford, PA
A Joyful Path -Women's Retreat

May 12-14 - Black Mountain, NC
Love Heals 2017 Spring Retreat

May 13-20 - Springwater, NY
7-Day Retreat with Sandra Gonzalez and Wayne Coger

May 19-21 - Stockbridge, MA
The Yoga of Voice

June 2-4 - Netherlands: Amsterdam
Clarity Breathwork Level 1: Sacred Breath and Embodiment

June 3 - Springwater, NY
Saturday All Day Sitting

June 8-17 - Ibiza, Spain
Clarity Breathwork Healing Retreats

June 10-17 - Springwater, NY
7-Day Retreat with Stephan Bielfeldt

June 15-22 - Keaau, HI
Magical Summer Solstice Retreat

July 2-5 - Stockbridge, MA
Mantra in Motion: A Celebration of Movement and Music

July 3-18 - India
Himalayan Mindfulness Retreat

July 10-20 - Peru: Iquitos
10-Day Visionary Art and Ayahuasca Healing Intensive

July 12-19 - Costa Rica: Nosara
Clarity Breathwork Healing Retreats and Training

August 11-20 - Guatemala: Lake Atitlan
Sacred Expression Women's Retreat

August 15-29 - Tonga: Ha'apai
Healing Your Inner Child--Embracing A New Life Story

November 22-29 - Keaau, HI
Hawaiian Gratitude Retreat

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Benedictine Peace Center
- Yankton, SD

Mountain Horse Farm BnB and Wellness Retreat
- Naples, NY

The New Dawn Foundation
- New Rochelle, NY

Soul Discovery Business Retreats
- Cartersville, GA

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Greenview Bible Camp
- Denver, PA

The Inn at Shattuck-St. Mary's
- Faribault, MN

Lost Valley Education and Event Center
- Dexter, OR

The New Dawn Foundation
- New Rochelle, NY

Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center
- Craryville, NY

Stony Point Center
- Stony Point, NY

Zen Spirit yoga resort
- Costa Rica: Playa Coyote

Retreat Property for Sale

Bukit Asri Lodge
- Indonesia: Amlapura, Bali

Hacienda Retreat in Spain National Park
- Spain: Granada

NW Georgia Retreat on 70 acres
- Rockmart, GA

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Farm-to-Kitchen Volunteer Program
-Abode of the Message- New Lebanon, NY

Hands-to-Heart Volunteer Program
-Abode of the Message- New Lebanon, NY

Head cook for Zen Spirit Yoga Resort kitchen
-Zen Spirit yoga resort- Costa Rica: Playa Costa de Oro

Khidmat Spiritual Work-Study Program
-Abode of the Message- New Lebanon, NY

Create A Nature Retreat
For Individuals and Groups

Nature Retreat
Flower Hill Farm Retreat nurtures one's connection to nature and art. Peace and serenity abound throughout the seasons. Birds, butterflies, and other wildlife share the landscape. Perched above 21 acres of organic gardens, fields, and forest, your private, charming apartments in our 1790 farmhouse await. Sun and moonrises through cloud tapestries inspire. Meditate, read, write, and cook vegetarian, while enjoying garden, sky, and hillside views. 

Visit Flower Hill Farm Retreat

The Future Begins NowHere
Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat

Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat
We are in this body as a vehicle to move through this world, to move through measured time. We are exposed to excess. Every sense overloaded. Unlimited opportunities available. How do we decide what is next? We must choose our experiences to move beyond the desire and striving. Arrive into temporary moments of the now. Join us Summer 2017.

Visit  Boldly Going Nowhere

Lighten Up Your Life
Yoga at Sedona's Sacred Sites

Sedona Yoga Retreat
Looking for a fun getaway to lighten up your life? You're invited to join us for our enlightening Sedona-Grand Canyon Adventure. Enjoy beautiful blossoming cactus on gentle hikes to sacred red rock sites, nurturing Yoga, meditation, and healing vortex energy. "Become more of yourself in Sedona!" Yoga Journal featured our June 2016 retreat. Join us May 6-10 or October 14-18. Beginners and longtime yogis are welcome.

Colors of Compassion
Mindfulness Retreat for People of Color

Mindfulness Retreat for People of Color
April 20-23
Awakening the Legend of Maitreya Buddha: A Retreat of Mindfulness in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh With Dr. Larry Ward. What does it mean to practice love, compassion and wisdom in these times? We explore America's legacy of racial promise and dysfunction from the perspectives of Buddhist Psychology and neuroscience. We will enjoy noble silence, sitting meditation, walking meditation, total relaxation, eating meditation, a dharma talk and community sharing

Visit Great Vow Zen Monastery

Counseling & Yoga Retreats
Personal Retreats 

Spain: Galilea, Mallorca
Completely customizable retreat with personal attention in private setting.
Our tailor made retreats include therapy, coaching or yoga and are for individuals, couples and families at any time during the year. Our retreats are perfect for creativity or life coaching, or to work seriously on an emotional issue.

More Details

Vista Verde Retreat
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Carson, NM
Vista Verde Retreat promotes creativity as well as emotional, mental, and physical well-being. If you like being in nature, but prefer not to rough it much, this place is for you. Groups up to 25 also welcome.

More Details

Yoga Soul Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Spain: Zahora
Personal Develpment & Transformation Retreat - Experience yoga, meditation and healing in a way that goes beyond the physical level leading to the expansion of your consciousness and awareness. Also ayurvedic food, surfing, spanish courses and individual treatments.

More Details

Christ the King Retreat & Conf
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Syracuse, NY
The quiet, peaceful, contemplative atmosphere provides the perfect environment for private and group retreats up to 80. Or design your own retreat with spiritual direction provided.

More Details

Mount Madonna Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Santa Cruz, CA Area
We offer a supportive community atmosphere for relaxation, reflection, and a wide variety of learning experiences. Program participants are invited to join in all ongoing Center activities. Groups up to 500 welcome.

More Details

Chiara Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Springfield, IL
A Franciscan Place to Discover God's Healing Presence and Peace. We welcome individuals or groups up to 150  who desire to enter into quiet, peace and prayerful healing presence.

More Details

Heartspring Sanctuary
Personal Retreats 

Asheville, NC
Offering an intimate, affordable, sacred, and serene space for all beings. We invite you to come tuck yourself into the oldest mountains and receive the healing, nurturing, connection, inspiration, and serenity that you need. We offer a variety of special group retreats in addition to personal retreats

More Details

Angelspring Farm Wellness Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Fayette City, PA
Guests use the words "cozy" and "peaceful" to describe Angelspring. Located on 111 picturesque Pennsylvania acres, we provide sanctuary, simplicity, spirituality, and silence as a wellness retreat for body, mind and spirit. 

More Details

Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat & Inn
Personal Retreats 

Big Island, Hilo, HI 
The charming Aloha Wellness Inn provides a very unique accommodation option on the eastern side of the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center offers Lifestyle changes, detoxification and wellness. Comprehensive Alternative Cancer Treatment programs, Hawaii Natural Drug rehabilitation and raw detoxification retreats.

More Details

Personal Counseling & Mindfulness
Personal Retreats

Cambridge, MA
Personal, custom retreats for individuals and couples seeking support other than conventional counseling. The focus is personal growth, relationship crisis and conflict, stress management, anxiety and addiction management, self-care, and spiritual renewal. 

More Details

Osage Forest of Peace
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Sand Springs, OK
The Osage Forest of Peace is a contemplative interspiritual retreat center. We offer silence, solitude, communal contemplative sits, a beautiful meditation chapel with 40 acres of forest, along with delicious meals. We sponsor individual retreats and host small group retreats for up to 30.

More Details

Art of Living Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Boone, NC
A place to relax, open to the transformative power of meditation and spirituality and learn unique, powerful techniques that unlock your hidden potential help you to blossom fully. You can participate in daily yoga and meditation; Ayurvedic spa treatments; and hiking. Group rentals for up to 3000.

More Details

Peace Village Learning & Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Haines Falls, NY
Step into Peace - The atmosphere is a constant reminder there are spaces and places that touch the heart and soul in a way you will not find anywhere else. For some, its the opportunity for solitude. Others are seeking answers to questions about spiritual knowledge, spiritual power, and the deep experience of meditation.

More Details

Claymont Society Retreats
Center for Rent

Charles Town, WV
We're located just 50 minutes from Dulles Airport, just outside of Washington, DC. Our country lanes, fresh water springs, and winding paths create a tranquil setting for study, relaxation and contemplation for groups up to 200.

More Details

Peaceful Meadow Retreat
Center for Rent

Boulder, CO
Our land consists of 14 green acres including, a pond, medicine wheel, labyrinth, apple and plum trees, plus several herb and flower beds. Our site can accommodate up to 31 overnight.

More Details

United Camps and Conferences
Center for Rent

Camps in CA + OH
Nine camps to choose from for your group. Max sizes range from 70-285. Accommodations and amenities vary.

More Details

Covenant Harbor
Center for Rent

Lake Geneva, WI
Staff will work with you to customize your retreat from the planning process through your event. Meeting rooms can be set-up to create your desired environment in order to provide comfortable experience for every guest group up to 500.

More Details

Peaceful Mountain Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Maple Falls, WA
A unique sanctuary of rest and rejuvenation- Full amenities, overnight accommodations for 20+, yoga/dance studio with hardwood floors, catering available or bring your own, sauna and lots more.

More Details

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