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January 2017 
Sheng Zhen Healing Qiogong
Healing of the Heart with Juunfeng Li

Qi Gong Retrreat Science still cannot measure the Evolution of consciousness; Junfeng Li is a highly cultivated Martial Art and Qigong master who receives teachings and messages from divine spirits in meditation. It's a rare opportunity to be with him for 7 days at Eastover, Lenox, MA this coming spring, March 31 - 7th

Master Li was head coach of China's National Martial Arts Team, 100+ kids won gold medals with him. He acted in, and directed several martial arts films, and was an overnight sensation for playing the main role in the very popular film "Wu Ling Zhi" - Legends of [Martial Art] Heroes.
Master Li's continued search for internal peace and cultivation of Internal Qi has brought him pristine awareness. He was "chosen" to receive and pass on Heavenly QiGong/TaiChi teachings in the lineage of Lao Tzu, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Muhammad and other divine spirits. These teachings include a philosophy that calls for the unification of all religions, caring for the planet, and saving the environment.
China was not ready to receive what he had to offer then, so the master was called to travel to the Philippines to start his teaching. Still with two young children home, Junfeng Li quit his Head Coach position with the Chinese government, forgoing his entire retirement/pension plan, and traveled to the Philippines, trusting support for his work would be there when he arrived.
With such trust in divine consciousness, Master Li spent 14 years in the Philippines, where he began his lifetime dedication to teach Sheng Zhen Gong-the qigong of unconditional love that brings happiness and the "wisdom of life" to all. At the same time, he recorded these teachings in books and CDs. In 2002, Master Li came to United States and another 14 years of sharing this practice has passed. 
Sheng Zhen empowers and transforms lives - as the editor of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuangong, Anabel Alejandrino said: "It is through practice that one is led naturally into one's own perfect love in the heart. More than just a healing tool for the body and the emotions, I have found that not only do the movements almost magically become the tools with which we can become the person we all want to be, but also our capacity to enjoy life with its ups and downs is enhanced and magnified. Li Junfeng is a living example of this."

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Learn Medical QiGong
Three Accessible Levels - April 21-27

Medical QiGong Training
You can register for any 2-day session or the whole 6 days. Recommended for anyone:
-  Struggling with disease or discomfort and longing to recover greater wellbeing.
-  Wanting an accessible way to prevent disease, maintain wellbeing and acquire longevity. 
-   Looking for a self-care health maximization program.
With 40 years as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and 9 research trips to China's hospitals, institutions and sacred mountain sites, Roger Jahnke, OMD, director of IIQTC, and author of "The Healer Within", will share that:
- Any Qigong can be tailored to become Medical Qigong.
- You can learn the essence of Medical Qigong in a brief training.
- Once you learn how accessible the practice can be, you can use the principles with any form of Qigong for the rest of your life.

Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation and even Qi Transmission have been the wellness methods of Chinese medicine - called Yang Sheng - since well before written history. Today we know these mind-body practices are having a significant influence on genomics (telomeres and cell replication), epigenetics (habits and environments) and neuro-science (brain plasticity). It is believed many of the earliest discoveries in Chinese medicine were made by physicians who were Qi Cultivators-Qigong practitioners who had extraordinary capacity to penetrate the mysterious realm of Qi.

The NIH, CDC, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, the military, Veterans Administration as well as hospitals, school systems and social service agencies worldwide are realizing the healing power and the economic efficiency of Qigong and Tai Chi.

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Ready to Exhale?
Nurturing through Self-Care

Ready to Exhale Retreats
n. 1.A place to go where you can get away from it all   2. A place affording peace and quiet   3. Period of contemplation by a group
Come and experience a day or a weekend of spirit lifting and mind nourishing sustenance.
A time to slow down, relax, recalibrate.
A time that is completely for YOU.ABOUT YOU.
A time to be inspired by music, meditation, art, journaling, conversation, mindfulness, nature, and spirituality.
Create that balance in your life that you have been craving for.
Check back with us often for that retreat that will make you
fall in love again with those things in life that nurture your soul,
replenish your spirit, and create a time of wellness and peace within.

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My Five-Day Visit to an Abbey
Let Me Embrace Stillness and Silence

My Retreat
There was a time when our days were shaped by the sun. We rose with its rising, stopped to eat at its zenith, and were asleep when its light was gone. Our bedrooms weren't illuminated by the glow of digital clocks, and we didn't scroll through Facebook postings before placing our phones on the bedside table, where they rang us awake a few hours later.

I traveled back to such a time for five early-autumn days in rolling Kentucky farmland. The Abbey of Gethsemani, near Louisville, is best known as the home of Thomas Merton, the Cistercian monk famous for his spiritual autobiography The Seven Storey Mountain. In his later years, Merton examined the common threads between Catholicism and Buddhism, and helped bring core monastic values to the general public.

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Retreat Events

January 20-22 - Madison, CT
Soul Collage Retreat

March 3-4 - Sedona, AZ
Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin and St. Germaine

March 9-13 - Hawaii
Knowing Within Kane Men's Retreat

March 17-19 - Naches, WA
Intimate Marriage Weekend

March 20-27 - Dominican Republic:
NAKED The Retreat

March 31- April 2 - Scottsdale, AZ
Rejuvenate with Mindfulness Retreat

March 31- April 9 - Bali
Clarity Breathwork Retreats & Training Program

April 28- May 5 - United Kingdom: Millom
Mindful Health and Wellness

May 6-10 - Browns Summit, NC
Inner Peace Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

May 7-14 - Virgin Islands: Tortola
Couples IntimaSea Sailing Retreat

May 22- 27 - Spain: Ibiza
Follow Your Bliss to Ibiza

June 25-29 - Camden, ME
Women's Vitality Retreat

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Flower Hill Farm Retreat
- Williamsburg, MA

La Chataigneraie
- France: Saint-Simeon

Stepping Into More
- Los Angeles, CA

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Bali Lush
- Bali

Flower Hill Farm Retreat
- Williamsburg, MA

Scenic Colorado Retreat
- Keystone, CO

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Operations Manager
-ARC Retreat Center - Stanchfield, MN

Freshen Up Your Life
Yoga at Sedona's Sacred Sites

Sedona Retreat
Looking for a fun getaway to freshen up your life? You're invited to launch intentions for a powerful new year at our January Sedona-Grand Canyon Adventure. Enjoy gentle hikes to sacred red rock sites, nurturing Yoga, meditation, and healing vortex energy. "Become more of yourself in Sedona!" Yoga Journal featured our June 2016 retreat. Join us Jan. 21-25 or March 18-22. Beginners and longtime yogis are welcome.

Visit Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking

Swim with Humpback Whales!
Transformational Retreat in Tonga

Swim with Whales
There is nothing like swimming in the unconditional love of humpback whales! Our hearts open wide as we exchange love and respect with these majestic beings!
The Healing Your Inner Child-Embracing A New Life Story retreats focus on releasing limiting beliefs through awesome whale encounters, shamanic journeying, forgiveness and visioning.
Come experience authentic Tongan culture while staying at a beautiful eco-resort. August 2017

Visit Whalesong Wellness
World Qigong & Taichi Day
April 29, All Welcome, Lenox MA

Tai Chi Day
Free to all - World Qigong & Taichi Day - Eastover is extending an invitation to group leaders and students, donating its studio space and grounds in celebration of this amazing event. Keynotes by DOM. Roger Jahnke, co-founder of NQA & Director of  IIQTC and DOM. Jampa Stewart, renowned Tao, Dharma, Medical Qigong practitioner and Healer. Register now, let us help w/your Qigong/Taichi teaching and studies.

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Mindfulness Meditation
Realize True Inner Peace

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat
The mindfulness meditation retreat is one of the most powerful tools for your spiritual growth. You can make years' worth of progress in just a matter of days. In this 4-day silent retreat in the North Carolina countryside, author and meditation teacher, Charles Francis, will show you how to overcome the stress of daily life, improve your relationships, and realize true happiness and inner peace.

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Glastonbury Abbey
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Hingham, MA
Individuals and groups of all faith traditions are welcome to use our facilities. Guests may make one of the scheduled retreats, conduct their own program, work with the monks in developing a program, or simply come for a few days of quiet reflection.

More Details

Earth Sanctuary
Personal Retreats

Langley, WA
This retreat house is a place for personal renewal, relaxation, meditation, and peaceful reflection. Whatever your spiritual path, we offer safe and supportive environment.

More Details

Ananda Center at Laurelwood
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Gaston, OR
A retreat at Ananda is a wonderful way to combine personal quiet time and spiritual inspiration.  You are free to follow your own schedule as well as to dip into a wealth of offerings. Groups up to 450.

More Details

A Personal Tao
Personal Retreats

Hilo, HI
Join us for a personal, couples or small group retreat in Hawaii. Retreat specialties include: Midlife Transformation, Relationship Coaching, Meditation, Taoist Practices, Qi Gong sessions, Inner Vision Training, Dreamwork, and more.

More Details

Crestone Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Crestone, CO
Crestone Retreat Center offers solo and group retreats throughout the year except during our annual three-month Zen Practice Period. From mid-July through mid-September we open our facilities for group retreats up to 100.

More Details

Shalom Spirituality Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Debuque, IA
We are a sacred space in a peaceful environment. We offer a wide array of individualized and/or group retreat/program opportunities that integrate spirituality in mind, body and heart for persons of all ages, cultures and religious affiliations. Also Groups up to 150.

More Details

Franciscan Retreats
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Prior Lake, MN
A spiritual oasis for people of all faiths. Our lovely grounds, beautiful chapel and comfortable rooms along with the care of the friars and staff provide a quiet, reflective environment for personal prayer and reflection. Groups up to 65 welcome.

More Details

Flowering Lotus Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Magnolia, MS
We welcome people of all backgrounds and spiritual paths to practice with us in the pursuit of peace and healing. Our teachers are recognized worldwide for their knowledge of Buddhist teachings and meditation techniques. Groups up to 39 are welcome to use our center.

More Details

Personal Retreats

Hood River, OR

Come work with a gifted, awakened teacher, more than just a private time to yourself. Even a brief stay is a dive into non-dual, universal Love where consciousness flows as Unity awareness.

More Details

Franciscan Spirituality Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

La Crosse, WI
Dedicated to anyone seeking God, meaning and wholeness. Rooted in the Gospels and sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, the Franciscan Spirituality Center is open to everyone.

More Details

Inspired Wellness & Movement
Personal Retreats

Spain: Ibiza
Choose from a personalised 3, 5 and/or 7 night inspired wellness retreat. A synergy of movement therapy, meditation, healing therapies, creative art, and inspired healthy cuisine.

More Details

Maui Healing Retreat
Personal Retreats

Makawao, HI
An all inclusive Retreat concierge on Maui Hawaii to focus on healing your Mind, Body and Spirit. We offer single, day and week Retreats to fit every budget and intention.

More Details

Lifebridge Sanctuary
Center for Rent

High Falls, NY
The Hudson Valley's unique meeting and retreat center is a place of beauty, privacy and quiet, offering a perfect environment for overnight retreats or day conferences for up to 65.

More Details

The Abode Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Lebanon, NY
Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshire and Taconic Mountains our main campus with its original Shaker buildings serves as a host facility for retreats and group events, including weddings for up to 80 guests.

More Details

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