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November 2016 
Holiday Yoga Retreat
Hawaii Transformation Bliss

Hawaii Holiday Yoga Retreat
Join us over the 2106 holiday period for this truly unique and popular yoga retreat, now in its sixth year, celebrating and honoring ourselves and our spirits through the winter solstice and Christmas. Described as "truly transformative and nurturing", this approachable workshop has been designed to help you tap into your inner radiance, reach your full creative potential, and head home with tools which will assist you in living a happier, healthier, more spirited life. Practical tools and techniques for beginning, or continuing, a meditation practice are part of this retreat. Be sure to read the testimonials on our website. 
Get ready to sweat, laugh and uplift your spirit, as each day features two sessions of Will's signature Practical Yoga & Meditation in one of the most stunning environments you could imagine, surrounded by fiery lava, invigorating ocean, tropical foliage, and people celebrating the spirit of aloha. 
We have also planned adventures to the most potent and inspiring sites in the region: Volcanoes National Park at Night to view the stunning volcano cauldera; and a morning yoga sunrise session at the ocean (weather permitting). 
In addition to our yoga sessions and adventures, there are special sacred ceremonies planned to allow you go to deeper into transformation. The schedule also offers you opportunities to take in the gorgeous sights and activities nearby including black sand beaches, hot springs, lava hikes, lava tube exploration, waterfalls, turtle nesting areas, snorkeling and much more!
There will be scheduled free time for relaxation, or to engage with Kalani's vibrant Hawaiian culture programs, classes, and events (either by donation or nominal charge). You will connect with others on the open air dining lanai, while enjoying three delicious and abundant chef created meals per day. Vegan, Vegetarian and gluten-free options are always available.
About Practical Yoga: It's simple - it's Will's elegant and fun combination of both the more ubiquitous hatha/vinyasa flow yoga and the ancient with the powerful (and less familiar) white tantric technology of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. This potent combination is a practical way to consciously cultivate inner strength, self-awareness, and radiance. You will tone your abs while you lift your spirits!
Join us over this treasured week, as you relax and enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer - and set your life on a vibrant course. All ages & levels of yoga practice, including beginners, welcomed. Yoga mats, props and blankets are all provided.

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A Vision Changes Everything
How to Conquer Money, Health and Love

Vision Quest Hawaii
It sounds like fun stepping into clear warm ponds on a tropical oceanfront, footsteps from your bedroom. Maybe you are asking yourself, if I want to go to Hawaii for the New Year, why would I want to be in a Vision Quest?
So, let me ask you, what holds you back? Not enough love, money or health in your life? Do you want to know why not? Then fix it? How long have you held back? Is it time for you to rekindle your passion?
Are you headed for trouble if you don't reinvent and reset soon? Are you coping with a difficult situation and stuck? Did you somehow set aside the person you wanted to be when you grew up?
The answers you seek can be found at a Sacred Vision Quest. Rewrite the script of what you think and feel about yourself and find the answers that will naturally reshape your future.
Vision quests have been used for centuries to guide people to find the answers to complex questions deep inside themselves. Once you learn this, you never forget.
Imagine what you could accomplish with the right vision? Take advantage of expert guides to support you to feel a new way. Envision your prosperous life upgrade.
We only have 5 bedrooms left to fill so now is your moment of power to register. Call to book a 50 minute complimentary phone call and strategy session to decide if this Vision Quest is right for you.

Horses Make Your Soul Light
Tired of Counseling or Therapy?

Horse Therapy Retreat
Try a horse retreat to heal your soul.

Merge your soul with a horse and feel your anxieties melt away. He invites you to throw your leg over his back, grab a handful of mane and pull yourself up on him. You grab 2 handfuls of his thick mane and he takes off. Your hair flies behind you just as his tail flies. No words are necessary; you two can communicate without words. You feel healed, your soul is light. Joy. Peace. Happiness.

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Heal Yourself, Heal the World
Embrace the Water - Adult Learn to Swim

Overcome Fear of Swimming Retreat
Are you one of the 52% of Americans who could not save themselves if they fell into water over their head? Using yoga breathing and meditation techniques, you can learn life-saving and liberating skills to help you face fear, overcome resistance, embrace water, and enhance your life. By combining yoga practices with safe, gentle practice in the water, you can experience the transformative and exhilarating effect of doing something you never thought possible. 

Join Beryl Bender Birch, renowned yoga teacher and author, and Bill Meier, Developer and Lead Instructor - Adult Learn to Swim program, USMS, as they introduce, step by step, slowly and comfortably - the healing, supportive, and therapeutic world of water. If you can breathe, you can do this - meet your fears and watch them dissolve over our weekend together. Carry these techniques home and into your daily life, to meet all sorts of fearful everyday challenges.

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Retreat Events

November 26 - Dec 1 - Aruba
Find Your Happy Place - a retreat for women

December 29- Jan 7 - Costa Rica
Cosmic Heart Activation

December 30 - Jan 3 - Springwater, NY
New Years Retreat w/ Wayne Coger

December 30- Jan 5 - Australia: Adelaide Hills, SA
Enlightenment Intensive Retreat

December 30 - Jan 7 - Costa Rica
Illuminate: New Year's Yoga Retreat

December 31- Jan 1 - Sedona, AZ
Be The Peace New Year's Retreat

January 6-8 - Logan, OH
Hocking Hills New Year's Retreat

January 13-21 - Sedona, AZ
Meditation Teacher Academy Intensive

January 26-30 - Tampa, FL
Cruise to Empowerment

January 27-29 - Eagle Creek, OR
Women's Art and Writing Retreat

February 10-13 - United Kingdom: Millom
Chakra Yoga Valentine Retreat

February 11-16 - Costa Rica
Valentine's Day Couples Retreat

February 25- March 4 - Guatemala
Transformational Yoga Journey

February 26- March 4 - Indonesia: Bali
7 Days of Bliss on the Island of the Gods

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Red Mountain Cottages
- Bisbee, AZ

The Ojai Retreat
- Ojai, CA

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Geneva Center, Inc
- Rochester, IN

Alton Bay Christian Retreat
- Alton Bay, NH

The Ojai Retreat
- Ojai, CA

Own an Affordable Retreat
Smart Riviera Maya Investment

Riviera Maya  Retreat for Sale
Casa de Paz is a private villa in a unique retreat center, wellness resort and luxurious residential community. Enjoy beautiful meeting rooms, group accommodations, and event planning help. Experience no stress ownership with full property management, rental programs, and assumable developer financing. Homeowners have exclusive access to abundant upscale resort amenities, getting a high-end retreat and attractive investment without the expense!

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Surrender to Shadow
Yoga & Satsang Retreat in Umbria, Italy

Yoga _ Satsang Retreat in Umbria_ Italy
June 4-11, 2017 with teaching by two master teachers: Yogi Ashokananda for asana and meditation practice and Dr. Douglas Brooks for satsang and discussion. Come and join us for masterful teaching both on and off the mat - delicious home-grown food and inspiring excursion in a luxurious, yet down-to-earth setting in Umbria next June, 2017. Book early - 25 max participants.

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Uplifting Sedona Adventure
Yoga & Hiking in the New Year

Sedona Yoga and Hiking
Enjoy a Grand Canyon adventure, leisurely hikes, and gentle Yoga amid Sedona's majestic red rocks. Deepen your well-being through nurturing Yoga, meditation and healing vortex energy. "Relax, Release, Receive, and Renew!" Yoga Journal's Live*Be*Yoga Ambassadors visited our June 2016 retreat and featured photo links. Choose one of five retreats in 2017-starting January 21-25 or March 18-22. Beginners and longtime yogis are welcome.

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Article Follow Your Bliss to Ibiza
May 22-27 (Monday to Saturday)

Follow Your Bliss to Ibiza
Let me show you the other side of the island. Join us on the magical Balearic island of Ibiza for this exclusive six-day retreat. Your journey will be a powerful catalyst for healing and healthy changes in your life.  Let the energy, the natural environment and the magic of this retreat allow you to de-stress, relax and nourish your body, mind and spirit.  

Visit Leslie Saglio

Cosmic Heart Activation
A Sacred Journey to Costa Rica

Sacred Journey to Costa Rica
Together we will tap into the power of the mountains, ocean, and jungle, discover ancient mysteries, and activate our light bodies! As a circle of kindred souls we will realize our highest potential through yoga, music, soul remembrance, meditations, ceremonies, play, mindful eating, joy, and sacred moments of contemplation. December 29th to January 7th

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Precious Blood Renewal Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Liberty, MO
Located in a pastoral setting Precious Blood Center welcomes those who seek rest and renewal. Inspired by Precious Blood founder, St. Gaspar del Bufalo, we offer houses of hospitality as a safe and sacred place for individuals and groups for day-long meetings, overnight stays or sabbaticals. Groups up to 40 welcome.

More Details

Colorado Spirit Personal Retreat
Personal Retreats

Black Forest, CO
An Affordable Personal Silent Retreat - Cozy Cottage Escape- Secluded Mountain Retreat Cabins near a quiet pond & soothing waterfall, fully equipped - ideal for couples or solo retreat.

More Details

Self Realization Meditation Healing
Personal Retreats

Bath, MI
"Something of value for everyone"
The Centre is open daily for all to find a peaceful place to reflect, contemplate, renew themselves, and for silent prayer and meditation at no charge. Everyone of all faiths, meditation practices and traditions is welcome.

More Details

Christ in the Wildnerness
Personal Retreats

Stockton, IL
A hermitage retreat center in the northwest corner of Illinois. Here all are welcome to relax, reflect, and enjoy solitude in a tranquil environment.
Our guests value nature, wildlife, and star-filled skies-all so evident here-but the special quality of Christ in the Wilderness is that it is a spirit center where people of all backgrounds feel at home.

More Details

Ananda Kanan Ozark Retreat
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Willow Springs, MO
Take a class in yoga and meditation or art. Have an acupuncture treatment or a wellness consultation. Get a stress-reducing massage. Relax in the sauna. When you're ready, return to civilization with mind, body and spirit restored to balance. Groups up to 56 welcome.

More Details

Center for Spiritual Renewal
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Santa Barbara, CA
Private, non-directed retreats for individuals and couples of all faiths. The Center is located on 26 beautiful acres in the coastal foothills of Santa Barbara, California. We offer an atmosphere of serenity and hospitality also for groups up to 17.

More Details

Windridge Solitude
Personal Retreats

Lonedell, MO
Our singular emphasis is solitude. We focus all our energies on making it possible for you to enter the solitude quickly and completely. We prepare the cottage for you in every way to welcome you.

More Details

Portiuncula Center for Prayer
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Frankfort, IL
As a Retreat and Holistic Center we welcome all who seek respite and renewal. The staff at the Retreat House is here to provide service in support of the serenity, and spiritual direction you seek. We have 5 wonderful hermitages for you to enjoy. Groups up to 50 welcome.

More Details

Creacon Lodge Healing Retreat
Personal Retreats

Ireland, Wexford
A warm and award-winning wellness centre offering a wide range of relaxing, rejuvenating and healing activities and personal sessions to support your well-being on many levels. For those seeking greater self-awareness and personal growth, as well as the perfect space to host your workshop or class.

More Details

Pali Mountain Retreat
Center for Rent

Running Springs, CA
Southern California's ultimate location for unforgettable group retreats. Nestled in the tranquil mountains above Lake Arrowhead, our secluded 74-acre resort is surrounded by 2,000 acres of untouched beauty. For groups up to 450.

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